Worth The Risk: Part 6 Teaser Excerpt

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Hello, fellow romantics! I’ve been looking forward to this day for quite some time. Today, the Trump regime comes to an end. Our world won’t change overnight, but I personally am happy to see all these people who behaved so cruelly for the last 5 years finally leave the White House. It’s a start. Today […]

Celebrating 5 years of TLR Live on Crowdcast Sat Jan 30

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Hey everyone, It’s time to celebrate 5 years of TLR! I’d love to celebrate this milestone with my patrons and recurring supporters! I’ll go live to chat, answer all of your questions and we’ll listen to the very first story together. I should warn you: I haven’t listened to The Space Story since I first […]

UPDATED: Worth The Risk: Part 5 Teaser Excerpt

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Hello, beautiful people! I’m in a great mood today and it’s only going to get better because it’s Wednesday Excerpt Day! I’ve been looking forward to sharing a sneak peek of the next episode with you. Hope you enjoy the read! Much love, Sigrid 13/01 UPDATE: Added extra excerpt! Raven took off her mask and […]

Replay of first Gratitude Moment (Community Video Call)

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Today, I organized my very first Gratitude Moment! I didn’t want to just thank my supporters. I wanted it to be a shared moment as well. And so I invited my fellow romantics to join me in the very first community video call! There were quite a bit of technical glitches, there were tractors, there […]

Going Live Today on Crowdcast (11 AM EST)

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Hey everyone, Just a quick message to let you know I’ll be recording my first Gratitude Moment live later today. If you’re a recurring supporter on this website or a patron on Patreon, you can join me live! What is this Gratitude Moment? From now on, I want to take some time to thank my […]

UPDATED: Worth The Risk: Part 4 Teaser Excerpt

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Hello! I was recording a video for something I’m working on today, and I almost forgot it’s Wednesday! Good thing I remembered just in time to share an excerpt with you. Wednesday is no fun without sharing a teaser! Much love, Sigrid Update 30/12: Added some more excerpt! Nathalie swallowed the last of her croissant […]

A new sound for TLR

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Hello, fellow romantics, When I started The Lesbian Romantic almost 5 years ago, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted it to sound like. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the equipment or knowledge to create that sound. In the last 5 years, I basically bootstrapped my podcast. I made it work as best […]

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