(UPDATED) Worth The Risk: Part 10 Teaser Excerpt

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Hello from sunny Belgium! How are you doing, fellow romantic? I’m okay. Belgium’s COVID situation has taken another turn for the worse, but the sun is out this week and that makes everything feel less depressing. 🙂 The vaccination campaign here is slow and not without issues. I might get fully vaccinated by the end […]

Worth The Risk: Part 9 Teaser Excerpt

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Hi, friends, How are you doing this week? I’m happy to report the production of the next episode is on schedule! I hope you enjoy this excerpt today. Much love, Sigrid “I shouldn’t have sent that email,” Raven thought and threw her phone back on the pillow next to her. It had been over two […]

UPDATED Worth The Risk: Part 8 Teaser Excerpt

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Hi, fellow romantics, Yes, I am a day late with this excerpt. In all honesty: I forgot it was Wednesday yesterday. 😱 I’m happy to report I am back to writing every day. It was hard for me for a while and it took some time to get out of my ‘block.’ It’s the first […]

UPDATED AGAIN: Worth The Risk: Part 7 Teaser Excerpt

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Hi friends, How are you doing this week? I’m enjoying some calmer days to catch my breath. That doesn’t mean I am going to skip Wednesday Excerpt Day, though! I’m pretty sure the title of this episode is going to be ‘Little dragon’… Happy reading! Sigrid UPDATED: I added some extra excerpt! UPDATED 24/02: And […]

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