Summer Extra Scene (Connection Concealed)

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Hello, fellow romantic! The summer starts on my side of the globe today! That means it’s time for an extra, written scene. 🙂 I was able to work on it thanks to the recurring support of listeners around the world and I want to thank every single one of you from the bottom of my […]

Worth The Risk Part 37 ‘Plants’ (Full episode)

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Hello, fellow romantics,  I’m back from a wonderful vacation. I have much more energy and I’m excited to work on the remaining episodes of Worth The Risk. I’m also starting to plan for the next story…I’ll share more about that soon…I think 😉 In the meantime, enjoy part 37! Much love, Sigrid   Accessibility Link

Worth The Risk: Part 36 Teaser Excerpt

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Hello, fellow romantics, How are you this week? It is almost time for the release of part 36! This is the last episode I will release before going on a holiday. I expect it to be live on the website on Saturday May 21. (I will be back from vacation with the next episode, part […]

Worth The Risk: Part 35 Teaser Excerpt

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Hello, fellow romantics, How are you today? I’m working hard on part 35 and am happy with my progress. I did catch some kind of bug that is making me feel like I have ten thousand cotton balls inside my head, but luckily, I saw it coming and recorded the next episode just in time. […]

Why I have not been releasing new episodes on Spotify

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Hey, fellow romantics, (Original post from February 2022. Update below the post.) I’ve been closely following the Spotify ‘scandal’ over the last few weeks. I’ve always been critical of Spotify’s decision to give Joe Rogan a huge platform. For me, that was never about free speech (which is about a government suppressing critical voices), but […]

Worth The Risk Part 34 ‘Cynthia’ (Full Episode)

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Hello, fellow romantics,  I’m happy I can finally share part 34 with you. I have to say I feel a bit more emotional about it than I usually do. I guess it feels like a milestone in ‘life goes on.’ I worked on this episode in the hospital hours before Muriel’s dad passed away and […]

Back at work

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Hey everyone,  The funeral of Muriel’s dad was on Thursday. It was a beautiful and touching service. I am surprised at how hard it has been to lose Georges. I thought I was prepared for it. Turns out you never quite are. But as they say: grief is the price we pay for love, and […]

Worth The Risk: Part 34 Teaser Excerpt

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Hello, beautiful people, How are you today? If you read my previous post, you know I’m behind on work because I am in the process of saying goodbye to someone I love dearly. I am working, though, but slowly. I’ve been able to record part 34 and I’d love to share an excerpt with you […]

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