(Script) The Diva Story Easter Scene


Hello hello,

Hope you enjoy this small Easter gift 🙂 After seeing a young mezzo sing beautifully last night, I just had to pay Milly a visit this morning.

Make sure to eat lots of chocolate today!




“Honey, I need to talk to you about something,” Milly said.

Hannah looked up from her laptop. “Ehm, okay.”

“Can we sit on the couch?”

Milly didn’t wait for Hannah’s reply and took a seat. Charles was lying a few feet away. He lazily opened one eye, saw Milly and sighed.

Hannah pushed herself up. “Sure. Is it that serious?”

Milly nodded solemnly.

Hannah sat down next to her, reaching for Milly’s hand. “Just tell me. You’re making me nervous.”

Milly took in a deep breath. She stared at the wall for a few seconds while she was trying to find the right words. She let out a dramatic breath and finally met Hannah’s gaze.

“Okay, don’t get upset with me.”

Hannah frowned. “I won’t.”

Milly nodded and bit her lip. She wasn’t sure how this would end. What if Hannah didn’t understand? What if she did get upset?

“Please!” Hannah interrupted her thoughts. “Just tell me already!”

Milly grabbed both of Hannah’s hands and looked her straight in the eyes.

“I’m pregnant,” she blurted out.

Hannah blinked. A few seconds of total silence passed.

Finally, Hannah tilted her head to the side. “Wait…” she stammered, the corners of her lips curling up.

Milly couldn’t help but smile. She squeezed Hannah’s hands.

Hannah moved a bit closer and pulled one of Milly’s hands to her lips.

Then, she bit the tip of Milly’s finger.

“Ow!!” Milly said with a gasp. “You bit me!”

Hannah smiled wickedly. “I know!”

“Why?!” Milly asked.

Hannah kissed her finger now. “Because that was the worst April Fools’ joke ever.”

Milly threw her head back and laughed. “I know!”

Hannah pulled her into her arms. “For a diva, you sure suck at soap opera acting.”

Milly pressed closer. “I’ll try to do better next year.”

“You do that. How about I keep trying to get you pregnant in the meantime?”

Milly snorted. “What does that mean?”

Hannah placed a soft kiss just under her ear. “It means I’m dragging you to bed,” she whispered.


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