These lesbian romance stories are ready to sweep you off your feet.

The Lesbian Romantic Podcast brings you romantic wlw audio stories enhanced with music and sound effects to make you smile, blush and keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Worth The Risk: a lesbian romance story

An immersive lesbian romance story in beautiful Ghent

An unhappy sales woman travels to the other side of the world to offer her hard-earned money to an inspirational inventor. She soon discovers she has put her heart at risk as much as her savings.

A suspenseful sci-fi wlw romance

A dutiful cyber warfare officer falls in love with the charismatic rebel leader she’s supposed to bring to justice.

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The Diva Story Milly

A wlw love story that’ll make your heart sing

The opera hating CEO of a chocolate empire is forced to become the mentor of an upcoming diva.

A listener favorite! The very first full-length wlw story

A shy tech company VP gets sent on a road trip in France with one of the people she dislikes the most: a blogger.

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Connection Revealed: a dystopian love story Ongoing story with 2 new episodes/ month

A stand-alone sequel to Connection Concealed with a whole new lesbian romance story. Discover the latest episodes of the story wherever you listen to your podcasts or on the early access blog of this website!

A lesbian romance in NYC with lots of chocolate

An upbeat shop manager has to convince her unsmiling successor there’s more to running a chocolate store than improving the bottom line.

A short sequel for the Emily & Lea fans

Emily and Lea are back in this 10-episode sequel of The Blogger Story. Emily still hasn’t found a new job and Lea worries things might have moved a little too fast between them.

The improvised, somewhat crazy pilot of The Lesbian Romantic Podcast (😌Binge-ready)

You’re in a space ship. You’ll never get back to earth. And there is no one else there with you. Well, except for this female cyborg. And she’s…hot.

The Bells & Whistles Theater is a unique, intimate and immersive experience for 100 fans of The Lesbian Romantic.