About The Lesbian Romantic Podcast

I’m Sigrid and I’m on a mission to make you smile. My podcast is basically like an audiobook, but more immersive with music and special effects.

Why do you create this podcast?

I want to contribute to a world in which people feel less alone. I believe that a moment of immersive fiction can make a difference (even if it’s just for a few minutes).

I know, it’s a pretty lofty goal. But it’s what makes me tick! It’s also the reason the podcast is free. I want as many people as possible to have access to it. The same goes for the online community of listeners.

How do you create the podcast?

I do everything myself! Every episode starts as a script. After editing and rewriting it a couple of times, I record it as best I can in my pillow fort. Pillow fort?! Yes, I don’t have a studio. I built a pillow fort with blankets and pillows instead. In it, my microphone is set up. It works for me!

After recording the narration, I add the music and sound design. I love adding as much detail as possible to make the podcast extra immersive. From start to finish, it takes me about a week of fulltime work to create a single episode.

Who funds the podcast?

Listeners do! My work is funded by the people who enjoy it and want me to create more of it. Pretty simple, right? I don’t sell ads because I refuse to sell your time. It is a non-renewable resource after all.

I live in Ghent, Belgium, with 5 furry friends.

Did you just say 5 furry friends?

Yes! We somehow managed to create a little zoo in our home. We have 3 dogs and 2 cats. The puppy in the picture is the latest addition to our family. His name is Poof!

What do you do apart from creating the podcast?

I’ve been a freelance marketer for 15 years now. In the past, I was also active as a smartphone blogger. If you have listened to several of the stories, you might have a bit of a ‘Ah, makes sense!’ moment right now!

What do you do love apart from writing stories?

I love going to the opera, but I haven’t been able to go much since early 2020. I hope I can enjoy a live orchestra again soon. Many of my other interests are pretty geeky or have to do with plants.


Yes, but not in a gardening way. In early 2019, I adopted a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle and it completely changed my life. I’ve become so much happier and working out became one of my hobbies.

Can I get in touch with you?

Of course! I’d love to hear from you. You can go to this page to send me a message.