About The Lesbian Romantic Podcast

Lesbian Romantic Podcast
Immersive lesbian romance stories.

The Lesbian Romantic is an independent podcast with lesbian romance stories. It’s basically like listening to an audiobook, but more immersive.

Who creates The Lesbian Romantic?

Hi, I’m Sigrid! I’m 35 years old and was born and raised in Belgium. I live with my wife Muriel and our 4 furry friends. I’ve been fascinated with all things audio since I was a kid.

Why do you create The Lesbian Romantic?

I create it to make you smile. I believe in the power of stories. I am convinced sharing stories about love can give people hope and a sense of belonging. Writing romantic stories and bringing them to life is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done.

Wait, is this your job?

Yup. Creating one single episode every week is a full-time job. To keep going, I ask listeners for their support. This show is listener-supported and proud of it! Find out more here.

How did you get the idea for the podcast?

The idea for the podcast came to me after attending a college reunion in 2016. I have a degree in radio journalism and, after talking to school friends, felt sad I was no longer working with audio.

The next day, back home with a legendary hangover, I started playing around with sound effects. I came up with a story along the way.  That’s how I created the first episode on a dreary afternoon.

And the ones after it, to be honest! But after a few months, I started to step up my game. Writing, recording and producing The Lesbian Romantic is now my full-time job.

How do you create The Lesbian Romantic?

I work from my home office in the most beautiful city in Belgium. I built an improvised studio with blankets here. I call it my pillow fort! I recently made some changes to improve the quality of my voice recordings:

I write the script first. Then, I switch on my microphone and record the narration in the pillow fort. My next step is to add music and sound effects to the recording in my audio software.

I spend a lot of time building the ‘soundscape’ of every episode. I always try to make the podcast as immersive as possible. It takes me about a week to create one single episode! Here’s another peek behind the scenes:


How can I find out more about the podcast?

Go behind the scenes! Check out the behind-the-scenes hub with the latest episode, excerpts and other extras.

You can also sign up for the Fellow Romantic community, a welcoming space where you can meet other listeners.

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Get in touch

You can email me at sigrid at lesbianromantic.com or send me a message through this page.


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