About The Lesbian Romantic Podcast

Lesbian Romantic Podcast
Immersive lesbian romance stories.

The Lesbian Romantic is an independent podcast with lesbian romance stories. It’s basically like listening to an audiobook, but more immersive. The Lesbian Romantic is created in Ghent, Belgium by Sigrid.


About Sigrid


I’m Sigrid, the creator of The Lesbian Romantic. I started writing and recording my stories in 2016. My mission? Simply put: To make you smile.

The longer version? I want to contribute to a world in which people feel less alone. I believe that a moment of immersive fiction can make a difference (even if it’s just for a few minutes).

I know, it’s a pretty lofty goal. But it’s what makes me tick! It’s also the reason the podcast is free. I want as many people as possible to have access to it. The same goes for the online community of listeners.

If you’d like to find out more about me or the podcast, I invite you to check out the behind-the-scenes blog or to join our community. I would love to meet you there!

Thank you for listening.




How do I create the podcast?

Every episode starts as a script. After editing and rewriting it a couple of times, I record it as best I can in my pillow fort.

Pillow fort?! Yes, I don’t have a studio. I built a pillow fort with blankets and pillows instead. In it, my microphone is set up. It works for me!

After recording, I try to improve the sound quality with lots of bells and whistles on my computer.

Last but not least, it’s time to add the music and sound design. I love adding as much detail as possible to make the podcast extra immersive.

Creating one single episode takes about a week of full-time work.


How is my work funded?

My work is funded by the people who enjoy it and want me to create more of it. Pretty simple, right? 😀


Why don’t you sell ads?

Ads are not a good fit with what I want to accomplish. Selling ads also would require me to gather information about you. That’s not something I am willing to do. Your privacy is too important to me.


What else do you do?

I am also a freelance marketing consultant. I strive to inspire other marketers to build a trust-based relationship with their customers that respects the rights to privacy and self-determination.

As you might have noticed already, privacy rights are very important to me. That’s why I’m also a Board Member of the Ministry of Privacy, a Belgian privacy watchdog.


Find out more

Go behind the scenes! Check out the behind-the-scenes blog with the latest episode, excerpts and other extras.

You can also sign up for the Fellow Romantic community, a safe space where you can connect with other listeners.

Get in touch

You can email me at sigrid at lesbianromantic.com or send me a message through this page.



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