12 Days Of Romance: Day 1


Day 1: Hannah


Hannah pulled the small box out of her pocket. Her eyes flicked to the door. She locked it before sitting down on the toilet lid.

It was a bit silly to hide in here, she knew. Milly wasn’t home after all. Her mother was, though, and she often followed Hannah around in the apartment.

Hannah didn’t want her, or anyone else, to see this box. Not yet. She rolled it around in her hand, enjoying how the soft velvet brushed over her skin.

Finally, she brought it to eye-level and slowly opened it. The ring inside made her gasp for the second time that day.

The designer really had done a stellar job. Small green stones glimmered and danced around a vintage, champagne-brown diamond.

“The center stone represents Milly’s heart, the ones around it her voice and talent,” the designer had told Hannah when she had first shown her the design.

Hannah had realized it was perfect the moment the designer had shown her the sketch of the ring. It was even more breathtaking now that it was real.

“I hope Milly loves it too,” Hannah thought, suddenly incredibly nervous.

She shut the box and wrapped her fingers around it. “Eleven more days,” she groaned to herself. “How on earth am I going to keep this to myself eleven more days?”




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