(Video) Behind the scenes of Part 33: The theatre

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9 responses to “(Video) Behind the scenes of Part 33: The theatre”

  1. Marcie53

    I recommend headphones for this too. I can’t wait to watch again on my lunch hour on a bigger screen (on iPod currently). I had a huge smile on my face while viewing this. I really enjoy learning about what you do. I think the extra effort is what puts you above and beyond the rest and it is appreciated. The smile is still on my face. Looking forward to tomorrow big time.

  2. Meg

    So amazing what the brain recognizes but consciously we don’t.Thank you for sharing, that was fun! I don’t know 🤷🏼‍♀️ how you did all of this work while doing your other job as well. So appreciative of your Art and dedication, it’s consciously noticeable!

  3. Annie

    Oh my goodness…loved this! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    Here’s what I learned: I NEED BETTER HEADPHONES. LOL I never used headphones for like the first year of listening. Then I got clued in enough to realize that they truly improve the listening experience. After this behind the scenes, I’m realizing that my headphones are simply not good enough. They’re not giving me the full experience that you’re trying to give me…I’m missing out! As much as I appreciate your work…there is a much deeper level that I haven’t even gotten to hear yet!

    Christmas List:
    1. Quality Noise-Canceling Headphones

    New Years Resolution:
    1. Start The Lesbian Romantic Poscast from the beginning of The Space Story!!!!


    1. Sigrid

      If you start from The Space Story, you’ll see I kinda grew into it, hehe 🙂 Now, of course, there’s no way back.

      1. Christine

        That was really interesting to learn about. Had no idea how much work went into the stories. You have come a long way since the space story. Thanks for sharing Sigrid. Looking forward to all your upcoming projects and the rest of the Diva story.


      2. Annie

        It’s all good. 😊 I’ve been on your journey with you for a long time.

        1. Sigrid
  4. Nancy

    I bought myself headphones for Christmas. Always thought sound was amazing. Started the Diva story over yesterday. It’s been even more amazing. When I first found some small details in your sound was Leah and Emily leaving restraint ice or snow crunching as they walked. I started really listening it just amazing. I do not have a creative or artistic. I appreciate it though.

  5. Najwan

    It is very impressive the amount of effort and passion you put into these stories, when I noticed all the small details for the first time while listening on my headphones because I realized it is a better experience. This imersive small universe you create is almost like a gateway from day to day life. Kudos to you!

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