So… Some important personal news…

Hey, how are you doing?

I am quite well.

I think it is time to give y’all an update on what has been going on. The short version? Muriel and I have decided to separate. We are doing this with lots of love and grace. We intend to stay in each other’s lives and are still living together peacefully. Even happily.

Still, it has been a very intense time for both of us. There is lots to take care of and lots to think about. That’s why I needed some time: to let it all sink in and have some space to process and decide what my next steps will be in many areas of my life.

This truly is not a sad update. We are creating a beautiful ending to our romantic love story and will write a new chapter of friendship afterward. There have been more changes in my life, but all in good time. 😉 Thank you for your patience, support and kindness these last weeks.

Love, Sigrid

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  1. Sarah

    Hug. Not just any hug, but a hug you shared with me a long while ago. I kept it, folded and clean, and though I used it a few times as need arose, I always cleaned and folded it for future use. Now I think you could use it again.

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