The very first Sound Globe….

Throughout the years, fellow romantics told me that they love falling asleep with the podcast. I never quite knew what to think of that. Is it because my voice is soothing? Or because my stories are boring? 😉 In 2023, I want to try some new creative things. I decided…
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Dear fellow romantic,

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4 responses to “The very first Sound Globe….”

  1. Dju

    Awesome !! I loved it! Please feel free to create other audio like it.😊 As always, really great work 😀

    1. Hélène

      So true! Great voice, great sound effects!

  2. Noelie

    Hey! I did listen to TLR to fall asleep. It helped a lot for my insomnia. And I ended up relistening the same episodes few times to make sure I didn’t miss a part when I was asleep hehe.m

  3. Jackie

    Sigrid, you have a wonderful voice. Thank you for this gift.

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