Ceci n’est pas un Valentine’s Day Extra

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5 responses to “Ceci n’est pas un Valentine’s Day Extra”

  1. 10a 💜🇧🇪

    Thanks for not going all Valentine (on me). For some this day is like a day to go all crazy, put there relationship in the spotlight, others like me dread days like this. I loved the excerpt it is a thing of beauty deep friendships. Not like they are around every corner. People who you connect to on a deeper level, can turn to, having great news and tell them all about, or when you have a bad moment can loan a shoulder to lean on. To deep, warm friendships 🥂

  2. Mp6

    This was such a nice read. Thank you for this treat!

  3. Meg

    Aww 🥰, warm fuzzies❣️

  4. Lexfan

    I appreciate this story. Valentine’s Day is often touted to be reserved for those in romantic relationships, but I often find that limiting. It’s meant to be shared with everyone we care about even if you talk daily, monthly or even yearly. So thank you for sharing this and going against the “norm”. 🙂

  5. Sarah

    What Meg said.

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