Summer Surprise Extra Scene (The Taste of a Smile)


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“Just keep using the steamer,” Elza said, moving a newspaper to the side so she could sit down. “Use that essential oil I gave you.”

Mary glanced at Lex, a smile tugging at the corner of her lips. “Sure, grandma. I will use it whenever I have a cold.”

Elza looked up from her mug. “No, I mean proactively. It cleans your lungs.”

“Grandma, I’m fine without it,” Mary said. “I am fully vaccinated now.”

Elza turned to Lex, who immediately raised her hands. “I’m with Mary on this.”

“Fine,” Elza said, pressing her lips together for a moment. “You two have it your way. This pandemic isn’t over, you know.”

“We know that,” Lex said patiently. “And we’re still careful, Elza.”

“Okay,” Elza replied, eyes softening. She leaned over and patted Lex’s knee. “I know you are.”

Mary wanted to roll her eyes. Her grandmother was so openly enamored with Lex, it was annoying at times.

“It really is nice to see you again,” Lex said, talking to Elza. “Without the mask, I mean.”

Elza beamed back. “Yes, it is wonderful to see you too.”

Mary looked around her grandma’s living room. It was even messier than usual. The piles of newspapers now took up the entire floor behind the couch and under the coffee table.

Lex lifted her mug up in the air. “To many more moments like this!”

“Yes!” Elza agreed, following Lex’s example.

They both looked at Mary expectantly.

Marry chuckled and picked up her mug. “Cheers,” she said, shaking her head.

“How are your parents doing?” Elza asked Lex, after taking a sip of tea.

Lex shrugged. “Good, I guess. Back to playing golf and attending parties.”

Mary bumped her elbow against Lex’s. “And don’t forget the holiday.”

“Oh, right,” Lex huffed. “They’re going to a tropical island.”

Elza’s thin eyebrows shot up. “It seems early to travel?”

“Tell me about it,” Lex sighed.

Mary snorted. “That’s not the point! It’s a couples retreat!!”

Lex laughed uncomfortably. “Yeah, that’s pretty crazy too.”

“Why?” Elza asked innocently. “They are still together, are they not?”

Mary moved to the edge of her seat. “They are, but not they are not the kind of couple that goes to this type of thing, you know?”

Her grandmother looked at Lex and then back at Mary. “What kind of thing is that? Yoga? Meditation?”

Mary and Lex laughed, shaking their heads vigorously.

“No,” Lex said, still chuckling. “Mary means they’ve never gone into therapy before.”

“Oh,” Elza mouthed, bringing the mug to her lips. “That seems like a good thing?”

“Sure,” Lex agreed. “But I doubt it’ll change anything.” Her shoulders dropped as she stared at the giant plant in the corner.

Mary regretted bringing this up now. “We should get going soon,” she said. “I still have a surprise for Lex’s birthday.”

Elza’s eyes grew wide in alarm. “Birthday? Did I miss your birthday, Lex?”

“No,” Lex said, amused. “It was three months ago. You got me a card, remember?”

“Right,” Elza nodded slowly, frowning.

“We didn’t want to celebrate until we were vaccinated,” Mary explained.

“Is it a surprise party?” Elza asked, perking up. “At the store, maybe?”

Mary’s jaw dropped. “Grandma!” she exclaimed. “If it was, it would be ruined now!”

Lex laughed heartily. Mary threw her an annoyed look, which only made Lex laugh harder.

Elza had the courtesy of at least blushing a little bit. “Sorry, dear!”

Mary pushed herself up and held out her hand for Lex. “Come on, let’s go before I have nothing to surprise you with.”

Lex grinned at Elza. “I’ll let you know what the party was like.”

Elza chuckled and patted Lex’s knee again. “Enjoy it, dear.”

Mary pulled at Lex’s hand. “Up, please!”

“Alright, alright!” Lex said and got to her feet. “I’m ready to be surprised!”

Elza giggled.

“Oh, you two are the worst,” Mary grumbled and walked to the door, pulling Lex along.

Downstairs, in the hallway of their tiny basement apartment, Lex stopped Mary before she could get to the living room.

“Hey,” she said and slid her arm around Mary’s waist. “Come here.”

Mary arched an eyebrow but then reluctantly let Lex pull her close. “What, baby?”

Lex smiled, her blue eyes sparkling. “Everything okay? You seemed a bit jumpy up there.”

“I was?” Mary asked, wrinkling her nose. “I guess I was. I’m just nervous about your surprise.”

“There’s no need,” Lex replied, kissing Mary tenderly. “I already had a wonderful birthday.”

Mary huffed. “We were stuck here all day!”

Lex kissed her again. “And we had a lot of fun, if I remember correctly.”

“True,” Mary said slowly, recalling vivid images of making love most of the day. “And you looked great in your birthday suit.”

“Yours looked nice too,” Lex whispered and raked her teeth over Mary’s neck.

Mary groaned. “You know I like that. You can’t do that right now.”

“Why not?” Lex asked breathily and did it again.

“Because,” Mary gasped as she slipped her hands under Lex’s shirt. “We’ll be late.”

“Late to my surprise party?” Lex chuckled.

“Oh, fuck you,” Mary laughed, digging her fingernails into Lex’s skin.

“Yes, please,” Lex breathed into Mary’s ear, making her blood pulse in her veins.

They kissed, teasingly at first, but hungrily soon after. Mary no longer cared about having to leave quickly. She didn’t think about the Uber car that she had ordered. And when Lex pulled her into the living room, she figured Hannah and Milly could wait a few more minutes.

Not long after, Mary found herself on the couch with Lex straddling her hips. Mary’s clothes already lay scattered around the living room. Lex pulled her own shirt over her before leaning over and kissing Mary’s neck.

“Yeah, we’re going to be very late for this party,” Mary thought, arching her back.


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