Valentine’s Day Extra Scene (The Taste of a Smile)


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I get to share a written, extra scene with you on this day of Cupid. I was able to work on it thanks to the recurring support of listeners around the world. THANK YOU! 💜

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Lex walked into the store and smiled. The team had worked late into the night to put up the new Valentine’s Day decorations. Their hard work had paid off. The store looked phenomenal. 

Lex personally hated Valentine’s Day decorations, of course. To her, it was a commercial enterprise. Mary had been very involved with Leroy’s Valentine’s campaign this year, though, and Lex was impressed by her work. 

It wasn’t just the decorations either. Several Valentine’s Day-themed workshops would be held in the New York City store in the coming weeks. Registrations had exceeded all expectations. 

The results of Mary’s efforts got Lex really excited. She loved to see Mary thrive in her job *and* she knew Mary’s ideas were usually good for business. As a store manager, Lex welcomed anything good for business. 

“What do you think?” Karen asked, touching Lex’s elbow.

Lex turned her head and smiled at the assistant manager. “I think it looks fantastic.”

Karen beamed back at her. “Mary’s doing well,” she said. 

“She sure is,” Lex agreed, admiring the candles that were set up around the dark chocolate area. You could hardly tell they weren’t real. 

“Speak of the devil… Or should I say cupid?” Karen grinned and nodded at the door. 

Lex’s eyes flicked to the entrance of the store. She smiled wide when she recognized the playful hair she loved to run her hands through. Mary was holding the door for a customer. 

“My baby,” Lex thought with so much affection that she could feel her chest expand.

She hurried past the registers to go and greet Mary. Several of the staff beat her to it, though. 

“Hey, how are you?” Mary asked Catherine, a member of the sales team. “You look amazing!”

“I’m great,” Catherine answered. “Loving the Valentine’s decorations!”

Lex joined the group and winked at Mary. 

Mary grinned back. “Hey, boss,” she joked quietly. 

Catherine’s eyes flicked to Lex. Lex smiled back at her. The sales representative blushed and then focused back on Mary. Lex shook her head a little as she listened to them chat. 

The team would never be as comfortable with her as they had been with Mary. But that was okay. Lex had found her own style of leading this team. The store was doing great financially and Lex and Karen had become a great management team. 

“Hey, can I speak with you for a minute?” Mary asked Lex, pulling her from her thoughts. 

Lex nodded, making sure not to be too enthusiastic. Everyone at the store knew they were a couple. Still, Lex and Mary addressed each other like they would if they were just co-workers. It was more professional that way. 

“Sure, Mary, I can make some time,” Lex said, her eyes sparkling. 

“Ha,” Mary laughed and winked at Karen, who had also joined the group. 

Karen didn’t bother keeping things professional and pulled Mary into a tight hug. “The store looks amazing again. I am so proud of you,” she said softly in Mary’s ear, but Lex could still overhear. 

“I’ll be in my office,” Lex said, pointing at the back of the store. “Just come see me whenever you are ready.” 

“I’ll be there in a minute,” Mary said as she stepped back from the hug and waved at a customer she recognized. 

Lex nodded. “Great work, everyone,” she said and smiled at the team. 

She walked back to her office, making a quick stop at the registers to make sure everything had booted up correctly. The software didn’t always work as smoothly as it should, especially when new seasonal items had been added. 

The expected knock on her office door came ten minutes later. 

“Come in,” Lex said, already smiling wide.

Mary stepped inside and closed the door behind her. “Hey, baby.”

Lex got up from her chair. “This is a nice surprise.”

“I missed you,” Mary replied and wrapped her arms around Lex. “You left so early this morning. I barely got to hug you.”

“I miss…,” Lex started to say but was interrupted when Mary kissed her. 

Mary immediately deepened the kiss and moaned softly. Lex’s pulse picked up. She stepped back and pulled Mary along so she could lean against her desk. Their kiss intensified more. 

“My door isn’t locked,” Lex breathed hard when Mary started to work the buttons of Lex’s shirt. 

“I know,” Mary whispered as she pushed the shirt aside. Her teeth raked over the sensitive skin of Lex’s neck. 

Lex moaned and leaned back onto the desk to give Mary better access. Mary didn’t hesitate and cupped Lex’s breast while kissing her chest.

“Fuck,” Lex gasped, head spinning. Her hands stroked up and down Mary’s back. 

“Do you want me to stop?” Mary panted while already tugging at Lex’s belt. 

Lex’s eyes flicked to the door. People usually knocked before stepping inside, but you never know for sure. It would be highly unprofessional for them to be caught like this. Mary’s fingernails stroked the skin just above her underwear. 

“No,” Lex whispered and gently bit Mary’s shoulder. 

Mary groaned and slipped her fingers under the soft fabric of Lex’s panties. Lex gasped again, overwhelmed by the sudden fire in her belly that Mary had awakened. All she wanted now was to feel Mary. 

If anyone knocked on the door in the minutes that followed, Lex didn’t hear it. 


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