Worth The Risk Part 35 ‘Paard’ (Full Episode + video)

Hello, fellow romantics, 

Yay! I’m so happy and proud I can share this episode with you early. I really am trying to get back on track (again.)

I recorded an extra video to thank all supporters of the podcast. I wanted to make it more personal this time! ( I also talk about how I’ve been struggling with burnout. You were warned ;))


Thank you and much love,




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  1. Kat

    Hi. After watching the video I really wanna express my compassion but never quite know how to. Let me try – I’m very grateful that you are still doing the podcast although there’s so much that could have made you stop and at the same time please know that I don’t think you owe us anything and if you maybe need for things to go slower or differently that’s absolutely fine. I am at the moment also in the middle of a divorce and know it comes with challenges. Hope you feel better soon! 💪🏻

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