The Diva Story

The opera hating CEO of a chocolate empire is forced to become the mentor of an upcoming diva.

Hannah Emsworth – Leroy has a date at the theater…with her mother. She hates opera and can’t wait to get home. But tonight is just the beginning. She will soon have a diva on her hands.

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The love story continues…

Extra scenes in chronological order

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(Audio) Part 19 Audio Commentary

Ok, this is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. I just re-listened to the epis…

(Video) Behind the scenes of Part 33: The theatre

Hi there! As I was editing this morning, I decided to do a little extra today 🙂 I’m taking you…

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(Script) The Diva Story Easter Scene

Hello hello, Hope you enjoy this small Easter gift 🙂 After seeing a young mezzo sing beautifully las…

Halloween Extra With Milly

Hey! I started writing this scene last year but got too busy to release it. This morning, I decided …

Valentine’s Day Extra with Hannah and Milly (The Taste Of A Smile Prologue)

Heya, Happy Valentine’s Day! (I checked! It’s already February 14th in Australia 😉 ) Perfect d…

12 Days Of Romance: Day 1

Day 1: Hannah   Hannah pulled the small box out of her pocket. Her eyes flicked to the door. Sh…

Ceci n’est pas un Valentine’s Day Extra

Hello, my friend, The Lesbian Romantic is about romance all year long and I wanted to do something d…

2021 Holiday Special with Hannah & Milly

Hello, fellow romantics, The holidays snuck up on me this year. 2021 felt like both a rollercoaster …

Part 2 of the 2021 Holiday Special with Hannah & Milly

Hello, fellow romantics, To everyone in the Southern Hemisphere: HAPPY NEW YEAR! To everyone who is …

The Diva Story Binge File: Part 1 – Part 30

Hi, fellow romantics, When I asked you which story I should turn into a binge file first, you spoke …

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