12 Days Of Romance: Day 12

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Happy New Year, my fellow romantic!🥳 I am so excited to see you here in 2020!   Looking for the start of the 12 days special? Click here to go to Day 1!   Day 12 (Although it’s technically still day 11 for Hannah & Milly)   Milly turned the corner and stopped dead in […]

12 Days Of Romance: Day 11

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Day 11: Hannah   Hannah hurried out of the theater as soon the audience erupted in a thunderous applause. She ran a hand through her hair and made her way to the backstage door. Inside the theater, the audience was still showing its appreciation for what had been a New Year’s Eve fantastic concert. Even […]

12 Days Of Romance: Day 10

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Day 10: Milly   Milly reluctantly slipped her arms into her coat. She had to be at the Met in an hour but didn’t want to leave Hannah. She glanced at her watch and then hurried back into the living room. Hannah looked up from her smartphone. “Hey, forgot something?” Milly nodded solemnly, stepping into […]

12 Days Of Romance: Day 9

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Day 9: Hannah   Hannah rubbed her gloved hands together. She hopped from one foot onto the other. A tiny, misty cloud rose up in the air every time she blew out a breath. Behind her, Christmas music was blaring out of cheap speakers. The sound of skates hitting the ice filled the air. Children […]

12 Days Of Romance: Day 8

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Day 8: Milly   Milly knocked on the open door. “Hey Carol, you wanted me to drop by?” The Met’s programming director looked up from her laptop. “Hi, Mildred!” Milly pointed in the general direction of the basement. “I just had my measurements taken for the Verdi costumes.” Carol flashed a toothy smile. “I heard […]

12 Days Of Romance: Day 7

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Day 7: Hannah   Hannah moved the picture frame a bit to the right. She grinned and said, “Perfect.” “What has you in such a good mood today?” a gruff voice asked. “My Christmas present from Milly,” Hannah replied without taking her eyes off the frame. She didn’t need to look up to know Lex had […]

12 Days Of Romance: Day 6

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Day 6: Milly   Milly stretched out her arms and yawned. “I don’t wanna go,” she sighed. Hannah was drying her hair with a towel. “You’ll be fine the moment you walk into the Met.” “I don’t know,” Milly pouted, “I want to stay here with all of you.” “We’ll be in the audience,” Hannah replied, throwing […]

12 Days Of Romance: Day 5

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Day 5: Hannah   Hannah didn’t think she could get any happier. She leaned back in the comfortable chair next to the Christmas tree. Milly was on the couch with her parents, Lorrie and John. The three of them were looking at something on Milly’s iPad together. Milly was sharing the sketches of the ridiculous […]

12 Days Of Romance: Day 4

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Day 4: Milly   Milly tapped her foot along with the rhythm of the music. The cab driver had turned up the volume as soon as the bells sounded at the beginning of the song. The Christmas lights attached to the roof of the car looked cheap and tacky but they had still put Milly […]

12 Days Of Romance: Day 3

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Day 3: Hannah   “Honey?” Lucile asked in her heavy French accent, “Can you hand me that ornament over there?” Hannah blew the hair out of her face and checked the contents of the box her mother was pointing at. She froze. The glass angel sat in a smaller, plastic case. It had been in […]

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