12 Days Of Romance: Day 5

Day 5: Hannah


Hannah didn’t think she could get any happier. She leaned back in the comfortable chair next to the Christmas tree. Milly was on the couch with her parents, Lorrie and John.

The three of them were looking at something on Milly’s iPad together. Milly was sharing the sketches of the ridiculous costume she had to wear in her next production.

Lorrie’s cheeks were already flushed from laughing. John swiped the screen and barked with laughter. “Oh, this one is even worse.”

Milly bumped her shoulder into her father’s. “I know, right?! I’ll look like Olaf from Frozen!”

Hannah shifted in her seat to see what her mother and Christine were up to. They were supposed to make everyone tea and coffee. Hannah saw that they hadn’t even gotten out the cups.

Christine was waving her hand as she talked. Lucile covered her mouth as she listened. Hannah got a bit teary-eyed. She was so grateful to see the two old friends sharing this moment.

Lucile’s stroke earlier this year had been such a wake-up call for Hannah. The loss of her father had been an unexpected tragedy. Now, the same thing had almost happened with her mother.

Hannah didn’t want to have regrets when the time did come to say goodbye. That’s why she had gone all-in on Christmas this year. Spending time with the people she loved was all she wanted.

The person she wanted to spend the most time with was Milly, of course. Preferably a lifetime. Every time she thought about proposing, her chest got tight. She wanted the moment to be perfect.

Hannah’s eyes focused back on Milly. She was wearing a tacky, wool Christmas sweater. Her dark hair lay loosely on her shoulders. She wasn’t wearing any jewelry tonight.

Hannah loved this side of Milly so much. Yes, the diva version was stunning too. But Hannah loved Milly best when she was totally relaxed. When there was no performing to do.

For a second, Hannah considered walking into the bedroom and getting the ring. She had hidden the box in the pocket of one of her blazers. What if she asked Milly right here, right now?

“Oh, no, no!” Lucile screamed.

Hannah shot up, adrenaline instantly rushing through her veins. Christine shrieked and then burst out in hilarious laughter. Hannah’s eyes searched the kitchen, trying to understand what was going on.

“Honey?” Lucile giggled, wiping milk off of her chin. “I think I broke your coffee machine.”

“What?!” Hannah asked, still a bit shaken, and hurried into the kitchen.

Lucile shrugged. “This machine has just too many buttons, honey.”

Christine had to grab the counter to keep her balance. That’s how hard she was laughing. There was a pool of milk on the kitchen floor and steam rose up from the coffee machine.

“Out you two!” Hannah laughed, relaxing. “Go sit by the Christmas tree!”

The ladies raised their hands in defeat, still giggling non-stop. Lucile grabbed a kitchen towel to wipe some of the spilled milk off of her clothes.

Milly jumped off the couch and picked up a gift. “Good thing I got you a Christmas jumper just like mine, Lucile,” she teased. “That top is ruined!”

Hannah shook her head. Her cheeks hurt from all the smiling. Everything was perfect on this Christmas Day, alright. But she wanted a different kind of perfect for her proposal.

“Six more days,” she thought while she opened the cabinet to grab a new towel and start cleaning up the mess.

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