12 Days Of Romance: Day 6

Day 6: Milly


Milly stretched out her arms and yawned. “I don’t wanna go,” she sighed.

Hannah was drying her hair with a towel. “You’ll be fine the moment you walk into the Met.”

“I don’t know,” Milly pouted, “I want to stay here with all of you.”

“We’ll be in the audience,” Hannah replied, throwing the towel into the laundry basket.

Milly gave herself a moment to study her girlfriend. Hannah was in her underwear so there was plenty to see. A fire lit up in the pit of her stomach.

“I know that look,” Hannah said, walking over.

Milly batted her eyelashes. “What look?”

Hannah cocked her head, crossing her arms. “We don’t have time.”

“I can make time,” Milly said, her voice low.

“No, you can’t,” Hannah replied, eyes narrowing. “You’ll just end up running away in the middle of it.”

Milly pushed herself off of the bed. “Not true,” she cooed, even though she had done just that only a few weeks ago.

Hannah laughed and tapped the tip of Milly’s nose. “Get away from me!”

“Okay, okay,” Milly responded, throwing her hands up. “I’ll get dressed and go to work.”

“Poor baby,” Hannah chuckled, opening the door to the walk-in closet. “Off to be a big star on the day after Christmas.”

Milly rolled her eyes and stepped into the bathroom. “My name is all the way at the bottom of the list,” she yelled, referring to the promotional poster of today’s Christmas concert. “In tiny letters.”

Hannah stuck her head inside. “So unfair. For me, you are the star.” She held up a suit. “Blue okay?”

Milly reached for her facial cleanser. “Blue’s great. My gown is gold.”

Hannah’s eyebrows shot up. “Gold?”

“Yeah, I know,” Milly sighed, putting some cleaner on a cotton pad. “They wanted us to look Christmas festive. I had to rent the gown.”

“I’m sure you’ll look golden,” Hannah quipped, putting her suit up on the wall-mounted coatrack of the bathroom.

“Very funny,” Milly said dryly, leaning closer to the mirror.

Hannah stepped behind her and wrapped her arms around Milly. “Hey, why are you so grumpy today? You usually can’t wait to get on stage!”

Milly lowered her hand and leaned into Hannah. “It’s your fault,” she pouted.

“My fault?” Hannah asked, staring at her in the mirror.

“Yes, your fault,” Milly smiled. “This Christmas was so wonderful. I don’t want it to end. I want to stay here and do it all over again.”

Hannah pressed her cheek against Milly’s. “You have a week off soon. We can do it all over again if you want.”

“Promise?” Milly asked.

Hannah nodded. “Promise. Just five more days.”

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