12 Days Of Romance: Day 8


Day 8: Milly


Milly knocked on the open door. “Hey Carol, you wanted me to drop by?”

The Met’s programming director looked up from her laptop. “Hi, Mildred!”

Milly pointed in the general direction of the basement. “I just had my measurements taken for the Verdi costumes.”

Carol flashed a toothy smile. “I heard the designs are rather…out there.”

Milly closed the door behind her. “If by that you mean absolutely bonkers, then yes, they’re out there.”

“The hardships of being an opera singer on the world stage,” Carol teased, closing the computer.

“Yes,” Milly said, wrinkling her nose. “That costume will haunt me for the rest of my career.”

“Surely not! Never thought you were vain!” Carol laughed.

Milly placed a hand in her side and said dramatically, “I do have a super diva reputation.”

“Oh, yes, I did see the latest article on that gossip website,” Carol grinned. “They seem a bit obsessed with you.”

“I think it’s because I’m dating Hannah,” Mary sighed.

“Well, you two are adorable together,” Carol said, “Can’t blame them for wanting to write about you and it’s good for business!”

Milly arched an eyebrow. “A secret source told them I refuse to eat chocolate from Hannah’s company because it’s not fancy enough for me,” she said dryly. “That’s hardly helpful publicity.”

Carol giggled. “People will remember your name, though! I suppose you better watch out who you complain to about those costumes. Another secret source might rat you out to the press.”

“Oh, damn,” Milly replied, “You’re right!” She smoothed down her sweater. “I don’t want to insult the designer.”

“The designer is an ass,” Carol responded without hesitation.

“No comment!” Milly laughed. “What did you want to see me about?”

Carol stuck her finger in the air. “Right!” She tapped the stack of paper on her desk. “I need to ask you a favor,” she continued, her tone apologetic.

“Of course,” Milly said, sitting down across from her. “How can I help?”

Carol shifted in her seat. “I know you have a vacation planned in a few days.”

Milly pinched the skin between her thumb and forefinger. “Yes?”

“Susan has bronchitis,” Carol sighed, “She’s the headliner of the New Year’s Eve concert, though and…”

“And you’re looking for someone to step in?” Milly asked slowly.
“Yes,” Carol replied, her shoulders pulled low.

Milly frowned as her mind raced. She knew it was an honor to be asked to step in for such a big event. The concert was sold out and everyone who mattered to the Met would be in the audience. It would be a significant step in her career.

But there was more to life than work. She had been counting down to this vacation with Hannah. Plus, she really didn’t want to disappoint Hannah. She had been very excited to spend New Year’s Eve together this year.

“I’m going to have to discuss it with Hannah,” Milly said, rubbing her cheek.

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