12 Days Of Romance: Day 11


Day 11: Hannah


Hannah hurried out of the theater as soon the audience erupted in a thunderous applause. She ran a hand through her hair and made her way to the backstage door.

Inside the theater, the audience was still showing its appreciation for what had been a New Year’s Eve fantastic concert. Even Hannah had enjoyed it and God knew she had other things on her mind.

She hoped Milly hadn’t seen her leave. Hannah had been seated in a balcony close to the stage, so Milly might have. Even if she had, Hannah was sure she wouldn’t guess what was going on.

“Hannah!” someone yelled. “Here!”

A woman with sleek black hair and a bright smile stuck her head from behind the backstage door.

“Carol!” Hannah replied, “Is everyone ready?”

“Yes,” Carol said, holding open the door for her. “They left the orchestra pit as soon as they could. They should be waiting for you.”

“Great,” Hannah panted, making a little jump when the heavy door fell shut behind her.

Carol had no trouble keeping up with her quick pace. “I told the director to keep Milly on stage as long as he possibly could but the concert ran late so we don’t have much time.”

“Thank you,” Hannah said, turning the corner. They were almost at Milly’s dressing room. “I owe you so much.”

“Nonsense,” Carol responded, “I ruined your original plan after all.”

Hannah stopped in front of Milly’s door. “I think you might have actually done me a favor. I like this new plan.”

Carol beamed back. Her walkie talkie crackled. “She’s on her way,” a voice announced.

Both Carol and Hannah’s eyes widened.

“Go, go, go!” Carol urged and gestured for Hannah to go inside. “I still have to throw around the rose petals.”

Hannah fumbled with the door handle. “Right, okay. Thanks!”

She stepped inside Milly’s dressing room, quickly closing the door behind her. Dozens of small lights flickered all around her. Real candles were too dangerous, but this was just as good.

Hannah frowned when she realized what was missing. But then a cough sounded from behind the large coat rack on wheels and she relaxed a little.

“Hello?” she croaked.

The head of a man with elegant, silver curls popped up from behind the clothes.

“We’re here!” he said. “We just thought it would be better to give you two a little more privacy.”

“O-o-kay?” Hannah stuttered. “Sure.”

This proposal setup had seemed like a terrific idea yesterday. Now, she was not so sure. Here she was in Milly’s dressing room, about to propose, with three people hidden behind a coat rack.

The two rapid knocks on the door let her know that she was out of time to make any changes. It was Carol’s sign to let Hannah know that Milly was about to turn the corner.

“I believe that’s our cue,” the guy said and sat back down. Hannah heard several pairs of feet shuffle.

Her eyes fixed on the door, Hannah grabbed the ring from her pocket. Her hands were shaking badly. The beautiful sounds of a violin, viola and cello filled the room.

Seconds later, the door handle turned slowly, as if the person on the other side was uncertain about coming inside. Hannah opened the box with the ring.

She had a little speech planned, but forgot all about it as soon as she saw Milly step into the room. Her beautiful eyes were wide with surprise. Her hand shot to her mouth when she saw Hannah.

Hannah dropped to one knee.

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