Worth The Risk Part 40 ‘Schat’ (Full episode)

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Hello, fellow romantics,  I’m going to update this post later with some news about the next story (and when it will start) but I wanted to share the last part of Worth The Risk with you as soon as possible first! Thank you to everyone who helped make this story possible! 🥰 UPDATE 08/02: Added […]

Worth The Risk Part 38 ‘Bridal bouquet’ (Full episode)

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Hello, wonderful people,  Covid got me very soon after I returned from France. Ever watch the Simpsons? Then insert a visual of Home doing ‘D’oh!!!’ here. Luckily, my symptoms were relatively mild and I am recovering well. Still, I was surprised to hear myself saying the very thing I heard many other says: “This virus…It’s […]

Worth The Risk Part 37 ‘Plants’ (Full episode)

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Hello, fellow romantics,  I’m back from a wonderful vacation. I have much more energy and I’m excited to work on the remaining episodes of Worth The Risk. I’m also starting to plan for the next story…I’ll share more about that soon…I think 😉 In the meantime, enjoy part 37! Much love, Sigrid   Accessibility Link

A new sound for TLR

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Hello, fellow romantics, When I started The Lesbian Romantic almost 5 years ago, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted it to sound like. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the equipment or knowledge to create that sound. In the last 5 years, I basically bootstrapped my podcast. I made it work as best […]

I’m launching a Patreon page

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Hey, fellow romantic, I have some important news: I am launching a Patreon fundraising page. That means there are now several ways you can support my work: directly on this website (the old way) or through Patreon. Or both. 🙂 I know: I’ve been saying I don’t want to join other platforms, such as Patreon, […]

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