A new sound for TLR

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Hello, fellow romantics, When I started The Lesbian Romantic almost 5 years ago, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted it to sound like. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the equipment or knowledge to create that sound. In the last 5 years, I basically bootstrapped my podcast. I made it work as best […]

I’m launching a Patreon page

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Hey, fellow romantic, I have some important news: I am launching a Patreon fundraising page. That means there are now several ways you can support my work: directly on this website (the old way) or through Patreon. Or both. 🙂 I know: I’ve been saying I don’t want to join other platforms, such as Patreon, […]

Shitty Stuff (Vlog)

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A wonderful email I received tonight made me realize it really was time to post a vlog update! Check out the other Shitty Stuff PS: I’d love to send you a postcard!

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