The Taste Of A Smile Extra Scene (After Epilogue)

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Hello, How are you doing today? I just started writing the first script of the new story. I thought we could also use some extra moments with Lex and Mary, though! Ready to get dress up and join them at a party? 😉 💜 Sigrid   “Damn, I really hate wearing dresses,” Mary muttered, pulling […]

Ceci n’est pas un Valentine’s Day Extra

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Hello, my friend, The Lesbian Romantic is about romance all year long and I wanted to do something different on this Valentine’s Day. Today, I want to celebrate a different kind of love: friendship. We’re joining Lucile and Christine for coffee today. Grab something to drink and enjoy the read! Big hug, Sigrid   Lucile […]

12 Days Of Romance: Day 1

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Day 1: Hannah   Hannah pulled the small box out of her pocket. Her eyes flicked to the door. She locked it before sitting down on the toilet lid. It was a bit silly to hide in here, she knew. Milly wasn’t home after all. Her mother was, though, and she often followed Hannah around […]

Halloween Extra With Milly

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Hey! I started writing this scene last year but got too busy to release it. This morning, I decided to have some fun and finally finish it. Happy Halloween! 🎃 👻 Sigrid   A loud honk rattled the windows of Milly’s car. Her eyes widened and she looked for the source of all this noise […]

(Script) The Diva Story Easter Scene

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Hello hello, Hope you enjoy this small Easter gift 🙂 After seeing a young mezzo sing beautifully last night, I just had to pay Milly a visit this morning. Make sure to eat lots of chocolate today! Sigrid     “Honey, I need to talk to you about something,” Milly said. Hannah looked up from […]

(Audio) The Blogger Story Extra Scene: Nothing To Wear

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I had a bit of fun writing an extra scene these last days. Without further ado…Here’s ‘Nothing to wear’! Hope you enjoy it 🙂 You can listen to this scene on any device using the player on this page. The scene won’t show up in your podcast player.   Your support keeps this podcast alive […]

(Audio) The Blogger Story Christmas Special

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Hey ho ho! Here’s the extra scene (aka the Christmas Special) with Emily and Lea. Thanks so much for subscribing, and have a wonderful Christmas! You should be able to play this episode on any device from this page. You will not find the scene in your regular podcast player.   Your support keeps this podcast […]

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