Ceci n’est pas un Valentine’s Day Extra

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Hello, my friend, The Lesbian Romantic is about romance all year long and I wanted to do something different on this Valentine’s Day. Today, I want to celebrate a different kind of love: friendship. We’re joining Lucile and Christine for coffee today. Grab something to drink and enjoy the read! Big hug, Sigrid   Lucile […]

12 Days Of Romance: Day 1

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Day 1: Hannah   Hannah pulled the small box out of her pocket. Her eyes flicked to the door. She locked it before sitting down on the toilet lid. It was a bit silly to hide in here, she knew. Milly wasn’t home after all. Her mother was, though, and she often followed Hannah around […]

Halloween Extra With Milly

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Hey! I started writing this scene last year but got too busy to release it. This morning, I decided to have some fun and finally finish it. Happy Halloween! 🎃 👻 Sigrid   A loud honk rattled the windows of Milly’s car. Her eyes widened and she looked for the source of all this noise […]

(Script) The Diva Story Easter Scene

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Hello hello, Hope you enjoy this small Easter gift 🙂 After seeing a young mezzo sing beautifully last night, I just had to pay Milly a visit this morning. Make sure to eat lots of chocolate today! Sigrid     “Honey, I need to talk to you about something,” Milly said. Hannah looked up from […]

(Video) Behind the scenes of Part 33: The theatre

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Hi there! As I was editing this morning, I decided to do a little extra today 🙂 I’m taking you into the editing process and showing you one of the things I enjoy doing the most. Now, don’t share this with other podcasters. *wink wink* This is my secret ingredient to making this podcast very […]

(Audio) Part 19 Audio Commentary

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Ok, this is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. I just re-listened to the episode I published here yesterday… and added some commentary. It’s just me talking, not performing, and it’s kinda refreshing to address y’all as if we’re just having coffee together. 🙂 So, for all you re-listeners out there, […]