Ceci n’est pas un Valentine’s Day Extra

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Hello, my friend, The Lesbian Romantic is about romance all year long and I wanted to do something different on this Valentine’s Day. Today, I want to celebrate a different kind of love: friendship. We’re joining Lucile and Christine for coffee today. Grab something to drink and enjoy the read! Big hug, Sigrid   Lucile […]

Fellow Romantic Podcast (Q&A) #11: ‘Very real’

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Hey fellow romantics, We’ve had a rough week and it was wonderful to sit down in my home office and answer your fun questions! Thank you for sending those in! 🙂 Hope you enjoy listening to this 11th ‘very real’ (and a bit raw at times) Q&A. Love, Muriel & Sigrid PS: This is the […]

Why I’m leaving social media

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I’m leaving Twitter, Facebook and Instagram today. I want to explain why without writing a long rant. 😉 Here I go… *draws in deep breath* I believe social media platforms are destroying everything that brings out the best in us: empathy, human connection and the ability to see things in context. I believe the corporations […]

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