More Than Fun And Games Part 3 Teaser Excerpt

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Hi there! How’s your week going? I have a pretty large chunk of excerpt for you today. ^^ Happy reading, Sigrid   β€œI can’t wait to get into the shower,” Lea said, walking through the sliding doors. Emily followed her, nodding her head in agreement. β€œSame here.” Her tank top stuck to her back and […]

More Than Fun And Games Part 2 Excerpt

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Hello, my friends How’s life going for you today? Here’s a big chunk of excerpt for you on this Excerpt Wednesday! I’ve got a little more fun for you on Saturday, though. Don’t forget to come back. πŸ˜‰ Love, Sigrid Lea slowly became aware of birds singing in the tree near her window. She smiled […]

About the new story…

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I’ve made a decision, my friends. I am postponing my new story, working title Project Ghent, for a few months. I need to do more work and research before I can start releasing this story. I don’t want to rush it. In the meantime, while doing that work, I will not be silent on the […]

Black Lives Matter

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I know I have not done enough in the past. I haven’t spoken up enough. I have let you down because I was keeping it safe. I was keeping it convenient.

I am deeply sorry.

I am educating myself so that I can do better.

The Taste Of A Smile Extra Scene (After Epilogue)

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Hello, How are you doing today? I just started writing the first script of the new story. I thought we could also use some extra moments with Lex and Mary, though! Ready to get dress up and join them at a party? πŸ˜‰ πŸ’œ Sigrid   β€œDamn, I really hate wearing dresses,” Mary muttered, pulling […]

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