The Desert Soundscape Tour (Connection Concealed Part 5)

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Welcome to the Desert Soundscape Script Tour! Curious to find out more about the story, the characters and how it all comes together in the soundscape of each episode? Grab your headphones and follow me, your guide, to the year 2061. Don’t worry, we’re taking the time machine. Ready? Set? Let’s go! DOWNLOAD PART 5 […]

(Video) Behind the scenes of Part 33: The theatre

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Hi there! As I was editing this morning, I decided to do a little extra today 🙂 I’m taking you into the editing process and showing you one of the things I enjoy doing the most. Now, don’t share this with other podcasters. *wink wink* This is my secret ingredient to making this podcast very […]

(Audio) Part 19 Audio Commentary

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Ok, this is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. I just re-listened to the episode I published here yesterday… and added some commentary. It’s just me talking, not performing, and it’s kinda refreshing to address y’all as if we’re just having coffee together. 🙂 So, for all you re-listeners out there, […]