Part 2 of the 2021 Holiday Special with Hannah & Milly

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Hello, fellow romantics, To everyone in the Southern Hemisphere: HAPPY NEW YEAR! To everyone who is in the Northern Hemisphere with me: Have a wonderful end of year and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR (very soon)! I’ll be honest: I’m not sure what to hope for in this new year. It looks like we’re in […]

2021 Holiday Special with Hannah & Milly

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Hello, fellow romantics, The holidays snuck up on me this year. 2021 felt like both a rollercoaster and a (very) slow train to me. I keep asking myself if this or that really happened in 2021 because it feels like 5 years have passed for me rather than 1. The holidays are here now, though, […]

2020 Holiday Special with Hannah & Milly

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Hello, fellow romantics, Many of us will spend our holidays without the people we love the most. Some of you are mourning loved ones you have lost not this year. Indeed, the holidays will be very different, and perhaps difficult, for us all. Some traditions remain the same, even in 2020. Every year, I write […]

12 Days Of Romance: Day 1

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Day 1: Hannah   Hannah pulled the small box out of her pocket. Her eyes flicked to the door. She locked it before sitting down on the toilet lid. It was a bit silly to hide in here, she knew. Milly wasn’t home after all. Her mother was, though, and she often followed Hannah around […]

(Audio) The Blogger Story Christmas Special

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Hey ho ho! Here’s the extra scene (aka the Christmas Special) with Emily and Lea. Thanks so much for subscribing, and have a wonderful Christmas! You should be able to play this episode on any device from this page. You will not find the scene in your regular podcast player.   Your support keeps this podcast […]