This podcast and community are different



Do you know who’s keeping an eye on you online? You can find out with the Ghostery plugin. It tells you how much trackers a website owner has installed to keep an eye on your behavior while hanging out there.

Nothing is free, you see. When you use a service or consume content that is free, chances are that someone is making money by either selling your data or selling your time.

I am proud of the fact that TLR is different. I don’t track your behavior on this website. See the screenshot below? Zero trackers! 🙂

Hey, I downloaded Ghostery and it does report trackers on this website!

I noticed that too! In the new version, their ‘Enhanced Anti-Tracking’ system anonymizes every single interaction with a third-party. If you switch it on, every interaction gets anonymized and added to the counter.

If you select the detailed list, you’ll see it’s empty because there are no actual trackers to report on this website. You’ll also see that in the bottom right corner the plugin says ‘0 looking’ even when you switch off Anti-Tracking.

I guess Ghostery is seeing ghosts? 😉 Read TLR’s full privacy statement here to find out which third-party services I use to make this website function. Also make sure to check out the cookie statement!

Okay, but wait a minute…

Wait a minute, you say, but TLR *is* free! So some things are free without the creepy or annoying stuff, right? Yes and no. TLR is freely available because it is fan-supported. Or crowd-funded.

It means I choose to rely on you giving back voluntarily to keep this podcast and community going. It’s a very vulnerable model that relies on trust and a value-for-value exchange.

It’s the only model I feel comfortable with, though. It’s the only model that fits this podcasts’ values.

If you have questions about the steps I take to protect your privacy, feel free to email me at [email protected]


My stories are free because I want you to enjoy them and immerse yourself in them without hesitation. If you'd like to help me keep going, thank you! 💜 You can support me by clicking here.