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The Lesbian Romantic Is 100% Listener-Supported

Hi, I’m Sigrid and I’m on a mission. I want to make people smile and hope with immersive, romantic stories. I can only keep going if enough listeners support my work, though.


Why spend money when I can already listen for free?

I get it. It’s weird to spend money when you already have access to the podcast for free. However, when you contribute, you help make sure I can create the next episode for you and many other listeners around the world.

Okay, but what do I get in return?

Your contribution will be a gift. It’s a more like a ‘thank you’ instead of a purchase. I do offer perks, by the way, but they are accessible to everyone. Why only make some people smile when I can reach many more, right?

This is weird. Why aren’t you on Patreon like everyone else?

I want to stay as independent as I possibly can be. I believe it protects the future of the podcast. It also keeps us closer. Yeah, that’s right. You and me! I prefer to be able to interact with you directly.

Are you a charity?

No, I consider myself a ‘Profit for Purpose’ business. That means I still aim to turn a profit one day, but that I wanna do it in a way that makes this world a better place. This is where the listener-funded model fits in.

Why give back when there are no more weekly episodes?

Ah, it’s the story of the chicken or the egg. I can no longer work on the podcast fulltime because there isn’t enough support right now. I still hope that’ll change in the future! You know what to do. *wink wink*

Okay, I’m convinced! How can I help you keep going?

Honestly? A recurring contribution helps me the most. Monthly support is vital to figure out how much time I can invest in the podcast. Without it, I would spend my days refreshing my browser to see if I can keep working on the story!

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