Part 26 on its way


Hey there,

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas weekend! I got to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with my family and couldn’t be more grateful.

Today, on what we call ‘2nd Christmas day’ here in Belgium, I’m writing part 26 of The Blogger Story. A bit late, I know. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and have been making notes, but wasn’t able to actually write during the holiday weekend.

I’m still planning to release the episode tomorrow, on Tuesday, though! I’ve got a day of writing and hot buttered rum planned. (Hey, it’s still Christmas, right?) Tomorrow I’ll edit and upload.

PS: I’ve been distracted by Gerri Hill’s Chasing a bright blue too. Darn, that audiobook is addictive! Planning on writing a short review as soon as I’ve finished it. Perfect book during the holidays, but enjoyable any time of the year, really. I’m LOVING it.


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