Chasing a brighter blue by Gerri Hill

This audiobook is simply wonderful. I recommend it wholeheartedly. Don’t turn away from it because of its cover, or the Christmas reference in the summary. You will enjoy this lesbian romance book any time of the year.

Addictive & lively
The story is addictive, funny, touching and – of course – romantic. Chasing a brighter blue‘s characters have depth and a credible background. The narration is lively, consistent and highly entertaining.

Touching & funny
I actually got emotional – tears brimming and everything – several times while listening to this book. The dialogues between the characters are often very real, very funny or very powerful.

When I was at about 70% of the audiobook, I was already looking forward to writing this review. I considered just summarizing things with: I LOVE THIS BOOK. Actions speak louder than words, though. I have already bought my next Gerri Hill novel (Pelican’s Landing) after finishing this one just yesterday.

Ignore the Santa hat
To wrap things up: I didn’t get this book before because I thought it would be too Christmas-y, or because the storyline wouldn’t be that appealing. But I was wrong. Very wrong. So yeah, give this book a chance! My bet is you will not regret it!

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So, what’s the story?

A Christmas wedding in Colorado? A two-week celebration with family and friends? Who does that?

Photojournalist Reagan Bryant has just returned from six-month stint in Afghanistan. Haunted by the tragedy that ended her last assignment, she’s searching for some peace – something to end the guilt and chase the trauma away. Two weeks at the resort hotel owned by her future sister-in-law’s father seems like the perfect escape.

Shelby Sutton doesn’t trust women. They always seem more interested in her father’s money than in her. But at her sister’s request, she vows to make friends with Reagan, a woman whose sad and haunted eyes are nearly impossible to ignore

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