Connection Concealed, a lesbian romance story

A dutiful cyber warfare officer falls in love with the charismatic rebel leader she’s supposed to bring to justice.

Available as an online read and an immersive audio experience.

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Chapters Overview

Part 01 Aftermath
Part 02 The Test
Part 03 Questions
Part 04 The Rebel
Part 05 The Desert
Part 06 The Storm
Part 07 Peppermint
Part 08 The Boat
Part 09 Tears
Part 10 Games
Part 11 Birds
Part 12 Code Red
Part 13 Signals
Part 14 Stucky
Part 15 Betrayal
Part 16 The Wrong Team
Part 17 Pink Elephant
Part 18 Rick
Part 19 Viv
Part 20 Dangerous
Part 21 The Desk
Part 22 The Desk 2
Part 23 Bears
Part 24 Lights
Part 25 Sheets
Part 26 Evidence
Part 27 Time
Part 28 Bunker
Part 29 Truth
Part 30 Wall
Part 31 Dungeon
Part 32 Spidey
Part 33 Lifeline
Part 34 Turn
Part 35 Fence
Part 36 Hummingbird
Part 37 Stunned
Part 38 Lou
Part 39 Masks
Part 40 Afterglow

Available extras:

Holiday Scene Extra

About Connection Concealed

Cyber Warfare Officer Louise Thomas has always felt a strong sense of duty. When an unprecedented attack on the global network disrupts the world she has sworn to protect, she makes it her mission to find the cyber terrorists responsible.

She can’t do that from the safety of her office, though. The lead suspects are a group of rebels who have disconnected from the rest of the world. Louise has to go into their territory to gather the evidence that will bring them to justice.

Charismatic rebel leader Eleanor Lucas wants to prove her people are innocent and reluctantly agrees to collaborate. As they travel around rebel territory together, Louise discovers she is far from immune to Eleanor’s charm…

Where will Louise’s allegiances lie when she falls in love with the enemy?


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