Chapter 21 of Connection Concealed: The Desk

June 12th, 2061. San Francisco, Fireblue territory, North American Province, 12.45 local time

Louise admired how El’s slacks hugged her curves in just the right way in just the right places. She wondered what was hiding underneath. She really wanted to find out what was hiding underneath.

El threw her another glance over her shoulder. Her lips were curled up into a confident smile. Her eyes reflected the fire Louise felt coursing through her veins.

Louise didn’t smile back. Instead, she let her gaze roam over El’s body. She told her what she wanted without saying a word.

El stopped walking, turning around slowly. “I love it when you look at me like that,” she said, huskily.

Louise stepped in front of her, keeping some distance between them. She didn’t want to end up kissing El in plain sight again. “You make it seem like I’ve done this before,” she replied.

El smiled slowly. “You have. Plenty of times.”

“No way,” Louise said, sounding not too convincing, even to herself.

“Oh yeah, you did,” El answered with a seductive smile.

A loud, sudden clank startled them both. Louise spun around.

El laughed. “Just the A/C acting up,” she said, brushing her fingertips over Louise’s hand. “Come on, there’s an office just around the corner,” she added, conspiratorially.

Louise kept glancing over her shoulder as she followed El. She was worried about the staff arriving. She also wondered if she had indeed been staring at El openly. Had it been that obvious? And who else had noticed?

Before she could really start to fret, though, El grabbed her hand and pulled her into a tiny room. The lights didn’t come on here. Louise’s eyes struggled to adapt.

Behind her, El shut the door and locked it. Louise tried to look at her, but couldn’t see much more than the outer lines of her face and shoulders. El was right in front of her with one quick step.

She cupped Louise’s cheek. Louise leaned into the touch, sucking in a breath when El’s other hand ran through her hair possessively. Hot lips found the spot right next to her mouth, slowly working their way towards her neck.

Louise was taken off guard by the tenderness of El’s unhurried kisses. Her eyes fluttered shut and, for the first time in a long time, she completely lost herself in the moment.

All she heard was El’s hot breath in her ear. All she felt was El’s body pressing against hers. All she smelled was the intoxicating scent of El’s skin mixed with her minty shampoo.

“Louise?” El whispered.

Louise lowered her head so her ear would be close to El’s mouth, only realizing she was supposed to reply a full second later. She opened her eyes, still in a daze, and found El staring at her.

“Touch me,” El pleaded.

Louise blinked slowly. She looked down. Her hands were resting on El’s hips.

“Please,” El added in a tone that made Louise’s blood boil.

She narrowed her eyes and held El’s gaze while she tugged at her blouse. She pushed her fingers under the fabric and found soft, heated skin. She caressed El’s side, her stomach, the spot just under her bra. El’s lips parted in delight.

Louise moved her hand up to cup El’s breast. El let out a soft sound full of need. It made everything inside Louise pulse even more. She ran her thumb over the hard nipple under the smooth, silky fabric.

El arched her back, pressing into the touch. “Yes,” she whispered.

A low, throaty sound escaped Louise’s lips. She wrapped her arm around El’s waist and pulled her in firmly. She captured her mouth in another devastating kiss. Her fingers teased and stroked El’s taut nipples.

El gasped and moaned. Her hands slipped under Louise’s shirt, her nails digging into skin fiercely. Louise hissed and pulled El even closer, her hand traveling down her lower back.

El shifted until Louise’s thigh rested between hers. They both groaned as their bodies pressed together perfectly. “Oh God,” El said in a voice filled with pleasure.

They met each other’s gaze then, the tips of their noses touching, their chests heaving.

El licked her own upper lip. “You,” she panted, “Drive me insane.”

Louise brushed her fingers over El’s breast again, teasing.

“In a good or in a bad way?” she asked, breathily.

El closed her eyes. “Both,” she whimpered.

“Good,” Louise said as she started working the buttons of El’s blouse. She took her sweet time. When she finally slid the shirt off of El’s shoulders, she immediately lowered her mouth to kiss the newly revealed skin.

El leaned back, surrendering to Louise’s kisses, her arms loosely draped around Louise’s neck for balance. Louise tugged at El’s bra strap with her teeth, making it clear she wanted it gone.

They swayed dangerously after Louise unclasped El’s bra. It made El giggle. “There we go again,” she said, pressing her head against Louise’s chest. Louise quickly looked around, quirking her eyebrow once she spotted what looked like a desk.

They moved in unison this time, their bodies already responding to each other in a way Louise had never thought possible only minutes ago. She couldn’t remember ever feeling this tuned into someone before.

El leaned onto the desk, pulling Louise’s thigh between her own demandingly. Louise stopped thinking. She cupped both of El’s breasts. El arched her back in response and moaned without restraint.

A delicious shudder shot through Louise’s center. Every inch of her lit up with the burning, urgent need to make El cry out. She was done with going slow now.

Louise unbuckled El’s belt with swift movements, encouraged by El’s hands running up and down her shirt. Louise needed those nails on her skin, though. She quickly pulled her shirt over her head before continuing.

El met her gaze, then lowered her eyes to Louise’s shoulders and black bra. She started to kick off her shoes, getting rid of them surprisingly fast. Louise moved to dispose of El’s slacks next.

They easily slipped over curvy hips, dropping to the floor. El kicked those to the side as well, not seeming shy at all about her nakedness. Her eyes were focused on Louise’s chest again, her lips curving up into a satisfied smile.

When El suddenly pulled down the fabric of her bra and sucked a nipple into her mouth – first carefully, then much more confidently – Louise let out a surprised gasp. The pulsing need in Louise’s loins became much more urgent.

She ran her hands over El’s hips, slipping her fingers under the thin silk panties. She pulled them down while El kept placing excruciatingly wonderful kisses on the sensitive skin of her breasts.

Louise took a moment to look at El once she had gotten rid of the panties. What she saw took her breath away. Leaning against the desk, hair all tousled and wild, El let Louise take in her body with a confident grin.

Louise slowly lowered her hand and brushed her fingers over El’s inner thigh. El sighed as Louise’s hand traveled up until it found ready wetness.

Louise groaned as she explored the slick heat with El whispering in her ear for more. El wrapped her arms around Louise’s back and shoulders, steadying herself, pressing into to the touch.

Louise lost herself again then. There was only the ragged breathing, the nails raking over her neck and shoulders and her own fingers exploring and teasing – first slowly, then in a steady rhythm.

When El suddenly leaned onto the desk a bit more, spreading her legs and wrapping them around Louise, it was a clear invitation. Louise didn’t hesitate to obey. El cried out, throwing her head back as Louise filled her.

Louise made a low, throaty sound of pleasure. Feeling El pushing down on her fingers, taking her in even more, was the sexiest thing that had ever happened to her.

She buried her head into El’s neck, kissing and sucking. El clenched her fingers in Louise’s hair, slipping her other hand between their bodies, finding the spot where Louise’s desire was the most demanding. It didn’t matter Louise was still wearing her briefs and pants. She gasped.

They moved together then. First slow, both whimpering and whispering in wonder. But soon after much faster, their breathing increasingly ragged until it was a shallow panting mixed with the sounds of desperate need.

El was clinging onto Louise. Hearing her pleasure build was driving Louise to the edge fast. When she felt the orgasm ripping through El’s body, teeth biting Louise’s shoulder, Louise too felt the pulsating waves wash over her.

El finally collapsed against her. Louise put her hand on the desk to keep her balance, struggling to catch her breath. They were both trembling. El kissed Louise’s shoulder tenderly, whispering ‘Oh my god’ a few times.

Louise nodded, unable to find words to describe all the things she was feeling. She wasn’t even sure she wanted to. Her chest was tight with emotion. The only thing she knew for sure was that she just wanted to stay in this room with El forever.

But then, out of nowhere, the lights came on.

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