Fellow Romantics Podcast: Q&A with Muriel & Sigrid (#5)


It’s time for the fifth Fellow Romantic Podcast! We have 3 awesome voicemails from fellow romantics and 7 questions to answer!

Grab some coffee, tea, beer or wine and join Muriel and me in the pillow fort. 🙂

Some of the questions in this Q&A:


    “It’s been a while since you’ve had to voice Hannah or Milly, but you mentioned they might pop up in the new story. Did you have to refresh your memory on how to voice them, or are the voices of every single character of yours always really clear in your mind?”
    “Very silly question really Sigrid, but if you have time, how do you see Stucky in your minds eye?”
    “Sigrid, what are your biggest challenges in returning to a previous/similar time, existing characters, and story location? Also, did you ever see Christine and Lucile as more than just friends, and will we see their relationship develop in Taste of a Smile?”
    “I was wondering if the new podcast is going to be a bit dirtier? If not then maybe just love scenes a bit more often?”


Hope you enjoy!


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11 responses to “Fellow Romantics Podcast: Q&A with Muriel & Sigrid (#5)”

  1. Sigrid

    One part of a question I forgot to answer:

    “When do you start looking at the number of downloads?”

    I look at the downloads daily. I keep an eye on the total for every day and what number of downloads every episode gets within 30 days after launch.

    Aaand the link to the NEW topic for the next Q&A. Send in your questions! AND VOICEMAILS! (Can you tell I love the voicemails?)


  2. Annie

    Stucky was a yellow lab for me. I didn’t make the connection to Ginger until you both mentioned it in the Q&A. 😃

    1. Sigrid

      Haha! Interesting to hear all of this 😀

  3. KayJay

    Pretty sure I was deep asleep when you ladies were supposed to be live <.< Sorry!

    Lovely Q&A! A delight as always ;D Thank you!

    1. Sigrid

      Thanks 🙂 Next time, we might announce a live recording 😉

  4. Thea

    Really enjoyed it! 😁Thanks Sigrid and Muriel for making time for this! Missed the deadline for posting a question this time. Next time for sure!

    1. Sigrid

      Thanks, Thea! 🙂 We had fun!

  5. JennyT

    Thanks Sigrid and Muriel for the Q&A, it was interesting as always. Thanks especially for answering my longwinded questions. 🙄
    Thanks also for being so open and honest about your process, learning etc at the end of the Q&A, it’s so refreshing and it’s also so wonderful that you are willing to bring us all along for the ride! 🙂

  6. LaLine

    I saw Stucky as a mutt. German Shepherd or Husky type, slightly longer haired, dark colored or gray, but with bright eyes.

    Funny story about Outlander…way back when, my bookclub read it and it just so happened at the same time there was some kind of story in Popular Science discussing time travel where they mentioned Outlander and described it as a bodice-ripping romance. In the next issue of Popular Science in the letters to the editor section, Diana Gabaldon replied with “Kilts Rise, Bodices Don’t Rip”. That phrase became a joke and a way for our bookclub to describe books that don’t precisely fit a specific genre. https://tinyurl.com/y4nmxcaq

    1. LaLine

      P.S. The world needs more screaming goat.

  7. Matcha

    Shout out from Singapore! Thank you for continuing to do the Q&A, its always interesting to learn more about the humans behind the voices!

    I felt i had to comment because i heard “Crazy Rich Asian” and that it had “shots of the city”. So just wanna put it out there, for people who havent been here, that the movie is awfully narrow in its portrayal and the city doesnt look like that EXCEPT the touristy panned shot of the major touristy place. That place, yeah, exists and looks exactly like that 😂

    And since im commenting, might as well add 2 cents of my thoughts about the last question on the “dirt”. I have not listened to much lesbian romance drama-type podcasts so far, only casual/lighthearted LGBT talkshows/recaps etc. The exact question did cross my mind while listening to this. I binged the blogger story, diva story and im now in the first 20% of connection concealed. I get that its really a big balancing act to avoid having the podcast fall into the pits of “too explicit and trashy” or “not enough”. IMHO the “performance” / narration is everything, so kudos to you Sigrid! I think you really did a great job.

    I loved the diva story best. I felt that pace is good, the characters are good, there is enough pull in the earlier episodes to keep listening while setting up the plot & growing the characters. For both the 2 stories, it felt like once the first big love scene happened, there is no going back, you gotta finish the story. At that point it feels like you’re too invested in the characters and things will only get better (right?). My thoughts after the last episode of both stories were like “omg, that was soooo goooood~~!!! Do a season 2!!”

    Opps my 2 cents turned into a long rambling. But thanks for reading and keep up the good work!

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