Lesbian romance fiction with bells and whistles

Romantic audio stories enhanced with music and sound effects to make you smile, blush and keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Worth The Risk

An immersive romance story in beautiful Ghent

Taste Of A Smile

A lesbian romance in NYC with lots of chocolate.

The Diva Story

A love story thatโ€™ll make your heart sing

The Diva Story Milly

Queer. Indie. Community-funded.

The Lesbian Romantic is created by me, Sigrid. I’m an indie podcaster living in Belgium.

The Bells & Whistles Theater is a unique, intimate and immersive experience for 100 fans of The Lesbian Romantic.

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The Lesbian Romantic has the most wonderful fanbase! Come and meet fellow romantics from around the globe. We just moved to Discord, a free app you can use on your computer and smartphone.

Relax with TLR’s Sound Globes

I launched a new audio experience in 2023. Take a moment and immerse yourself in a brief burst of audio magic.

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