UPDATED: Worth The Risk: Part 4 Teaser Excerpt



I was recording a video for something I’m working on today, and I almost forgot it’s Wednesday! Good thing I remembered just in time to share an excerpt with you. Wednesday is no fun without sharing a teaser!

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Update 30/12: Added some more excerpt!

Nathalie swallowed the last of her croissant and sighed happily. “I needed that,” she said. She reached for the paper cup of coffee.

“I need *more* of this,” Raven replied, pulling out another pastry from the bag. “What is this one?”

Nathalie grinned. “We call it a ‘chocoladekoek.’ It’s like a croissant with chocolate inside.”

Raven’s eyes widened as she took a big bite. “Oh my god,” she mumbled while chewing. “This one is amazing too.”

Nathalie chuckled as she wiped the crumbles off of her tights. She glanced to her side to study Raven’s face again. Having breakfast had finally forced Raven to take off her mask. Nathalie had been feeling a little light-headed ever since.

There was something about Raven that made Nathalie want to stare at her. Maybe it was the way her entire face lit up whenever she smiled. It could also be the pleasure and bliss that radiated off of Raven whenever she took a bite.

Yes, Raven Robinson was having quite the effect on Nathalie. There was no point in denying it. Nathalie actually welcomed the giddy feeling. It had been a while since she had felt the excitement of an innocent crush.

There was nothing wrong with enjoying the company of a beautiful woman. It didn’t matter that she was an investor who was here to discuss business with Nathalie’s boss. It’s not like anything would ever happen between them.

The only thing Nathalie did regret right now was that she couldn’t get closer to Raven. She would have loved to study every little detail of Raven’s nose, cheeks and lips. But COVID-19 was still here to ruin those moments.

They were sitting six feet apart, on a low wall next to the river in the middle of the historic center. The sun was finally breaking through the clouds and it was less cold now. The promise of a beautiful summer day hung in the air.

The clock of the church nearby had just rung seven times. In the distance, garbage trucks swept through the streets. The tourists would follow soon, but there wouldn’t be as many as there used to be.

“Have you heard from Bart?” Raven asked, wiping her hands on a paper napkin. “I wanted to ask earlier but I guess I got distracted.” She grinned.

Nathalie shook her head. “No.” She scratched behind her ear. “Sorry, I guess I should have told you that straight away.”

“I guess you were distracted too,” Raven said in a teasing tone.

Nathalie’s eyes flicked up to Raven’s. Their gazes held for a long moment. For a second, Nathalie wondered if Raven was aware of the effect she was having on her. Or maybe Raven just had a playful personality?

“You know what, I’ll call Bart now,” Nathalie said, clearing her throat.

“Do you think he’s okay?” Raven asked, frowning.

“Oh, yeah,” Nathalie nodded and took her phone out of her hoodie pocket. “I’m sure he’s fine. He does this sometimes, you know?”

Raven folded her legs. “Does what?”

Nathalie realized her mistake and quickly shut her mouth before sharing any more of Bart’s personal shortcomings with this potential investor. She pushed the phone against her ear and pointed at it apologetically.

But Bart’s phone went straight to voicemail. Nathalie lowered the phone, frowning at the screen.

“Voicemail?” Raven asked.

“Yes,” Nathalie said, tapping Bart’s number again. Her call went straight to voicemail for the second time.

Raven picked up her coffee. “When did you last hear from him?”

“Yesterday,” Nathalie responded, lowering her phone. “When he called to ask me to pick you up.”

“Did he mention why he couldn’t make it to the airport?”

Nathalie frowned again. “No…” She was embarrassed that she hadn’t asked him. She felt like she owed Raven some answers, even though it was Bart who had promised to pick her up.

“I’ll keep trying,” she said, wanting to reassure Raven. “It’s very early after all.”

Raven didn’t look convinced. “Sure.”

“Hey, we can do some sightseeing in the meantime?” Nathalie suggested, eager to distract Raven.

“Okay, yes, I’d like that,” Raven said, a slow smile spreading across her face. “Don’t you want to get changed first, though?” she asked and pointed at Nathalie’s workout clothes.

Nathalie looked down at her tights. “I guess that would be a good idea, yeah.”

“I can keep myself busy while you run home,” Raven said, tucking some braids behind her ear.

Nathalie quickly calculated how much time it would take her to go home, take a shower and get back here. It would take at least two hours. That seemed like way too long. But maybe there was a much better option…

“You could join me?” Nathalie offered slowly. “My walk home takes us through the city. You know, see the city like the locals do?

Raven visibly perked up. “Are you sure? Because I don’t want to…”

“Of course!” Nathalie interrupted her. “Why waste precious time? We’ve got a whole city to explore after all. And I’ve got more coffee at home,” she added, pointing at Raven’s empty cup.

Raven bit on her lower lip, eyes twinkling. “Sounds perfect to me.”

Butterflies stirred in the pit of Nathalie’s stomach. She jumped up, unable to contain her excitement. “Great! Let’s go then!”


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