Worth The Risk Part 39 ‘Smell so good’ (Full episode and a personal update)


Hello, wonderful people, 

How are you doing in your part of the world?

The summer is in full swing here and it’s the busiest time of the year in Ghent. We are in the middle of a 10 day open-air festival with music and street parties all over town. It’s wonderful! It’s so great to live in the middle of the city and enjoy the atmosphere. I feel blessed.

I’m also at work, of course. 😉 I’ve taken on a new temporary assignment as a marketing consultant. The podcast brings in some money, but not enough to pay the bills with. Life has gotten a little busier because of this extra job (and my calendar alerts more demanding, haha) but I am still enjoying it all.

It’s almost time to wrap up this story! Can you believe it? It sure took me a while to finish this one. I’m grateful for everyone who stuck around to find out what happens to Nathalie and Raven. Your enthusiasm and support has kept me going!

But it’s not over yet! There’s this episode below (part 39)  and after that I am creating one more. Part 40 will be the last part of Worth The Risk. After that, I plan to work on a new story. I’ll talk about that more very soon, I think…

Much love,



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