Worth The Risk: Part 35 Teaser Excerpt


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I’m working hard on part 35 and am happy with my progress. I did catch some kind of bug that is making me feel like I have ten thousand cotton balls inside my head, but luckily, I saw it coming and recorded the next episode just in time.

It’s no surprise that there is a physical price to pay after all the emotionally intense weeks with so little sleep, I guess… I have to say, though: 2022 is not my favorite year so far! Darn it!

Anyway, while I keep working on the production of part 35, you can start reading ^^


Raven was always excited to get off a plane, but she was extra excited and relieved today. She quickly followed the arrow for non-EU citizens, pulling her favorite suitcase behind her.

She hadn’t slept at all on the flight. She felt surprisingly alert. She saw that it was a lot less busy at the Brussels airport than the last time she had been here. She made it from the gate to the passport check in under ten minutes.

Only two people stood in line. They both ignored the boxes marked with tape on the floor. The tape had lost most of its color. Raven joined the line in front of the booth, not paying much attention to what was happening in the rest of the hall.

Instead, she pulled out her phone and activated the mobile internet. She had promised her boss to check her email whenever she could and she was determined to make good on that promise.

Raven didn’t mind working now and then while she was here. She wouldn’t overdo it like she used to. Losing her focus had taught her that the world didn’t stop turning when she wasn’t working all the time.

Raven smiled as she thought of how easy it had been to get time off. Her boss had been blown away by the proposal Raven had sent in. Raven’s working conditions had dramatically improved in less than a week.

Her boss had asked Raven to take on more challenging clients. That was basically a promotion because there was more money to earn. It also gave Raven more scheduling freedom because the projects were much longer.

The first project she was assigned to was for a company that recycled plastic into jewelry and other small objects. She loved that she could finally work for a client that made a difference in the world.

Because of these changes, it had become so much easier to focus on work. Raven was grateful for the distraction as well because her anxiety about coming back to Belgium had gotten worse every day.

She still hadn’t heard from Nathalie, but that was to be expected at this point. It was the reason Raven was here, after all. She knew that if she wanted closure for herself and for Nathalie, she was the one who had to take the initiative.

Raven smacked her lips as she scrolled through her emails. She hadn’t missed much overnight. It was early morning in Atlanta now. Everyone had been asleep while Raven was crossing the ocean.

A message from Yazmine came in, though. “You arrive okay? Love you,” it said. Raven smiled and nodded. She replied to her sister, letting her know that the flight was fine and that she loved her too.

Yasmine had been surprisingly supportive of Raven’s last-minute trip to Belgium. Raven had called her sister the same night she had booked the tickets and spoken to Kim. Yasmine had been surprised but had told Raven to follow her heart.

Raven didn’t like to think of this trip as following her heart. It sounded too much like she was coming here to get back together with Nathalie. That was a hope she didn’t allow herself.

The line moved and Raven put away the phone in her back pocket. A second booth had opened up and she was suddenly next in line. She reached for her passport and took in a deep breath.

Kim knew Raven was arriving in Belgium today. They had exchanged a few texts in the past few days. That’s how Raven knew that Nathalie would be at Kim’s place tonight. Kim had suggested Raven join her there. She would leave them to talk.

Raven wondered if Kim had told Nathalie about the plan. They had agreed she wouldn’t, but you never knew, right? And if Kim *had* told Nathalie… Was there a chance that Nathalie was waiting for her just outside?

Raven knew it was a lot to hope for. And a lot to ask for from Nathalie. Chances that she had come to pick up her up were very slim. Still, part of her hoped to see Nathalie standing there like in one of those romantic movies…


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