Worth The Risk: Part 24 Teaser Excerpt

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I have so much going on in my life right now it is hard to describe. But I feel more alive than I have in a long time.

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Nathalie grinned back at Raven as soon as she saw her. Raven was wearing comfortable shorts and a wide t-shirt. She looked adorable and sexy. Nathalie wanted to kiss her.

“Come in,” Raven said, stepping back into the hotel room.

Nathalie took in the room as she closed the door behind her. It was a little chilly . It felt good after being in the heat all day. “Very nice.”

“I love the ceiling,” Raven said and pointed at the wooden beams.

“Yeah, it’s one of the reasons I like to book rooms for visitors here,” Nathalie smiled. “I’ve never stayed here myself, though.”

“There’s a first time for everything,” Raven said, walking up to her.

Nathalie moaned softly as their lips met, Raven’s tongue exploring her mouth. She was breathing fast by the time Raven broke up the kiss.

“Hey, are you okay?” Raven asked.

Nodding, Nathalie closed her eyes. She didn’t want to think about anything else but Raven right now. But they had barely discussed what was going on and she knew they should.

“I’m a little scared about the next few days,” she admitted. “Bart can be pretty explosive.”

Raven took Nathalie’s hand and pulled her in the direction of the bed. “Tell me everything he told you.”

Nathalie watched as Raven lay down on the bed, patting the sheets.

“That is not a good place to talk,” Nathalie giggled, feeling the urge to bite her lip.

Raven patted the bed again. “Did I say there would only be talking?” she grinned. “Unless you prefer to sit in the jacuzzi?”

Nathalie’s eyebrows shot up. “This room has a jacuzzi?”

“Yeah,” Raven chuckled. “Want to check it out?”

“Yes!” Nathalie said but then realized that she’d have to get undressed. She was pretty confident about her body, but everything with Raven felt so intimate. She had only slept with her for the first time last night.

“You know what?” Raven said, pushing herself up. “Let me run you a bath and order some drinks. You’ve had a rough day.”

“Oh, thanks,” Nathalie said shyly. It was hard to say no to an offer like that. At the same time, the intimacy was again a little overwhelming.

“I think I saw a cocktail with berries,” Raven continued, picking up a small, black tablet from the table.

“That sounds great,” Nathalie replied, peeking into the bathroom.

The jacuzzi was one of those standard-size baths with jets built in. Nathalie looked down at her feet and realized she hadn’t taken off her shoes yet.

“With or without alcohol?” Raven asked, lowering herself back onto the bed as she was tapping on the screen.

Nathalie bent down and untied her shoes. “I think I could use a real drink, to be honest.”

Raven chuckled. “I bet. Me too. Okay, two cocktails coming up.”

Having put away her shoes in the hallway, Nathalie didn’t quite know what to do next. Should she just get undressed? She looked around the room, scratching the back of her head.

“Alright,” Raven said from the bathroom. She turned on the water. “Let’s get this going.” She pointed at the corner before leaving the space. “There’s a robe in that closet.”

“Thanks,” Nathalie said, going into the bathroom to fetch it. She put down the robe next to the washing basin. Raven had closed the glass door behind her, giving Nathalie some privacy.

Nathalie studied her reflection in the mirror. She was blushing. “Why am I being so shy all of a sudden?” she wondered. “It’s not like she hasn’t seen me naked before!”

She pulled her t-shirt over her head and let it drop to the floor. She bit her lower lip as she studied her upper body and bra in the mirror. Nathalie stroked her chest and thought of Raven in the other room.

She looked down at her jeans. She had been aching to get it off all afternoon. It had been a bad pick for today’s weather. Nathalie unbuttoned it and pulled it over her hips.

After kicking it to the side, she looked back into the mirror. She studied her stomach and upper thighs, swaying her hips a little. She thought she looked sexy. It was a good feeling to have. The shyness was gone. She wanted Raven to see her like this.

Nathalie pursed her lips and bent down to pick up her clothes. Her skin tingled as she opened the bathroom door and walked out into the hotel room in her underwear.

“Just going to put my clothes here,” she said, walking to the chair by the small table.

She folded up her shirt, something she rarely did, just so she would be in Raven’s view for a bit longer. Nathalie felt Raven’s gaze rake over her body and it made her nearly lightheaded with excitement.

She heard Raven’s footsteps on the carpet and soon after felt fingers stroking her hips. Nathalie closed her eyes. Raven placed her hands on Nathalie’s hips more firmly and pulled her into her.

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