Worth The Risk: Part 21 Teaser Excerpt

Hello lovely people!

I am still running behind a bit on work, but I am sharing all of it with you as soon as I can!

Enjoy this teaser ^^


Raven heard the birds first. She smiled and lazily rolled onto her side. Nathalie was still sleeping, her hair partly in front of her eyes. Raven bit down on her lip to hold back a moan.

She wanted to run her thumb over Nathalie’s cheek but that would probably wake Nathalie up. They’d only fallen asleep two hours ago after an evening and a night of frantic lovemaking.

The sun lit up the room through the gaps of the hastily shut curtains. The window was partly open, letting in the fresh morning air and the sounds of the early morning activity outside.

Raven couldn’t think of a more perfect moment than this one. Her body was tired, but the good kind of tired. The pillowcase and sheets smelled of spring flowers and sex. Nathalie’s calm breathing made her feel sleepy too.

Raven almost closed her eyes again to drift off, but she knew she might not get the chance to study Nathalie’s sleeping face again. That’s why she widened her eyes as she took in Nathalie’s delicate features.

Nathalie stirred then, whimpering softly before going back to sleeping peacefully. Raven reached for her now, tucking some of Nathalie’s hair behind her ear tenderly. “You’re in trouble,” she thought to herself. “A shitload of trouble.”

She sighed as she kept her eyes on Nathalie. “How did I end up here?” she asked herself. “Head over heels with a woman I barely know and who lives across an ocean. Shit.”

Her sister Jazmine would have a field day over this, she knew. And it’s not like Raven would be able to keep it from her. She had avoided telling Jazmine what was going on for the last two days, but she didn’t think she could manage much longer.

Raven was too much in love to keep hiding it. She wanted to tell the whole world about this breathtaking woman she had met. She wanted to take a picture of Nathalie while she was sleeping and use it as her wallpaper.

“Oh, fuck,” she whispered.

“Again?” Nathalie chuckled sleepily.

Raven’s eyes snapped to hers, grinning. “Hey.”

“Hey,” Nathalie said slowly, arching her back as she stretched her arms above her head. The sheets slid down, revealing her breasts. “Good morning.”

Raven wrapped her arm around Nathalie’s waist and pulled her closer. “Good morning,” she replied, kissing Nathalie’s lips.

Nathalie groaned as Raven’s thigh slid between her legs. “You feel so damn good,” she croaked.

“So do you,” Raven said, resting her forehead against Nathalie’s. “I can’t get enough of you.”

Nathalie stroked Raven’s side. “Good.”

Raven let out a low chuckle before kissing Nathalie again. It was a lazy, slow kiss. Still, Raven’s heart rate picked up. Nathalie cupped Raven’s cheek, their tongues exploring and teasing just for the sake of exploring and teasing.

Nathalie rolled her hips, pressing into Raven’s thigh. Raven gasped as she felt Nathalie’s arousal on her skin. Her hands slid to Nathalie’s hips and her own hips followed the slow rhythm Nathalie was setting.

Their bodies moved together as if they had been lovers for years. Nathalie’s hand caressed the back of Raven’s head. She deepened their kiss, her tongue eagerly exploring Raven’s mouth.

Raven groaned. She dug her nails into Nathalie’s skin as their movements intensified. Nathalie moved her hand to Raven’s breast and moaned. Raven did too. It amazed her how easily Nathalie could make her lose her mind, over and over again.

When Nathalie’s hand slowly slid over Raven’s belly, down to her thighs, Raven buried her face in Nathalie’s neck and held her breath.

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