UPDATED: Worth The Risk: Part 20 Teaser Excerpt

Hello fellow romantics,

I’m back from some time off for my birthday and thought you wouldn’t mind a teaser excerpt in the weekend? 😉



UPDATE 25/08: Added some excerpt!


Nathalie studied Raven’s body intently. The pathway by the water was narrow and she was walking behind Raven rather than next to her. This allowed her to study Raven’s figure brazingly.

Raven’s well-shaped calves were accentuated by the tight, washed-off jeans she was wearing. When Nathalie first saw Raven in these jeans back at the museum, her mouth had gone dry. Raven looked so darn sexy in them.

Raven’s t-shirt was casual and loose. Nathalie loved how it rested on Raven’s hips and the swell of her buttocks. She also loved the shape of Raven’s back. She enjoyed watching the lines of Raven’s shoulder blades shift under the fabric.

Raven’s head turned to the left and right as she took in the view. Her braids were pulled up into a tight bun. Her backpack hung loosely over one shoulder. The sun made the golden hoops in her ears look extra shiny.

The pathway was one of Nathalie’s favorites and she had wanted to share it with Raven. The river was always so peaceful. The trees and plants hanging over the pathway were green and luscious.

It was usually very calm here. Only locals knew about this path by the water. It was the perfect place to steal a kiss or more. Nathalie felt something stir in the pit of her stomach as she imagined kissing Raven. She bit down on her lower lip.

A moment later, Raven stopped to point at something across the water. Nathalie used the opportunity to slip an arm around her waist from behind. Raven covered Nathalie’s hand with her own before asking, “What is that over there?”

“It’s…eh,” Nathalie started but then had trouble finding the right words as she felt Raven press into her. Their bodies were touching from chest to hip and it made Nathalie’s heartbeat skyrocket.

“It’s like an old housing complex for nuns?” she finally said, brushing her lips over the skin of Raven’s neck.

“A beguinage?” Raven asked, arching her back a little.

“Yes, that,” Nathalie croaked in Raven’s ear. “God, you feel so good,” she added.

Raven placed both of her hands on the metal railing and arched her back even more. Nathalie whimpered as Raven’s buttocks pressed into her center. She closed her eyes and moved her hands to Raven’s hips.

Their bodies moved together for a few heart-stopping seconds. Nathalie buried her face in Raven’s hair and bit back a moan. Her hand slid down over firm curves until it reached Raven’s inner thigh.

“I want to feel you,” she whispered into Raven’s ear.

“Yes,” Raven said, pressing her cheek against Nathalie’s lips. “Please.”

Nathalie moved her hand up. Her fingertips traced the seam of Raven’s jeans, causing her to let out a heavy breath. Nathalie slowly stroked up and down, mesmerized by what she felt beneath the fabric.

A dog barking in the distance pulled her from the moment. She quickly glanced left and right. In the far distance, she spotted the dog. It was a large brown one with the owner following suit, yelling commands now and then.

Nathalie buried her face in Raven’s neck. “Someone is coming,” she groaned.

Raven moaned in frustration. “Shit.”

Nathalie stroked up and down the seam of the jeans one more time. She heard Raven’s breath catch. Nathalie rested her chin on Raven’s shoulder and saw that her knuckles whitened as she tightened her grip on the metal railing.

The dog barked again. It was closer now. Nathalie reluctantly straightened and stepped back. Raven turned around slowly. They held each other’s gaze. The electricity in the air between them was off the charts.

Nathalie blinked a few times, steadying herself. Her whole body was throbbing with desire and anticipation. At first, she didn’t fully register Raven’s fingers entwining with her own. She looked down at their hands and smiled.

“You’re so beautiful,” Raven said, her voice hoarse.

Nathalie looked back up, her cheeks glowing. “So are you.”

Raven’s thumb stroked over her cheek. “I love your face.”

Giggling, Nathalie’s eyes darted around. “You’re making me feel self-conscious.”

“I can see that. You’re blushing,” Raven said, kissing Nathalie’s cheek tenderly. “And it makes you even cuter.”

Nathalie shut her eyes again. The sensations coursing through her were so overwhelming. It was almost like a magical mix of tenderness and raw desire. She didn’t think she had ever felt this way before.

The sound of enthusiastic panting reached Nathalie’s ears. She glanced to the side and saw that the dog and its owner now were only about fifteen feet away.


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