UPDATED: Worth The Risk: Part 17 Teaser Excerpt


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It’s been stormy here with lots of rain. I guess it just makes it easier to submerge myself in Raven and Nathalie’s story. 😉



UPDATE: Added some extra excerpt!

Raven stared at the tiny flowers in Nathalie’s garden. Drops of rain still glistened on the petals. Judging by the weathered look of the small patch of grass, the storm had been a godsend for the garden.

Smiling, Raven shifted her focus on the water across the street. Nathalie’s house had a nice view. It was a pleasant place overall, really. Small but cozy. The home also gave Raven a good idea of what Nathalie was like.

There was the old racing bike propped against the wall. An assortment of sneakers under the small table near the front door. The couch had obviously not been a recent purchase but it was stylish and comfortable.

“I really don’t want to leave,” Raven thought. Upstairs, the toilet flushed.

She took in a slow breath. She had told Nathalie she would take care of the plane ticket tonight and leave later in the week. But she wasn’t sure that she still could reverse the new booking.

Raven wrinkled her nose, aware that she needed to step back into reality today. She had enjoyed the night with Nathalie so much. But it was over now. She would have to go back to the hotel at some point.

She hadn’t brought anything to Nathalie’s place. Raven needed clean underwear and a toothbrush. She also wanted her own moisturizer, even though Nathalie had happened to have shea butter.

There was also the issue of Nathalie working for Bart. Raven would have to tell Nathalie why she had wanted to leave as soon as possible. That she didn’t want anything to do with Bart anymore. It might put Nathalie in a difficult position.

Nathalie hurried down the stairs and Raven turned around to face her.

“Better?” she asked.

“So much better,” Nathalie smiled back. “I’m surprised my bladder didn’t explode.”

Raven chuckled.

“Hey, I’m hungry. Aren’t you?” Nathalie asked, patting her stomach.

“Starving,” Raven said.

“The only thing open at this hour is bakeries,” Nathalie said. “There is one about ten minutes away from here.”

“Pastries?” Raven asked, her mood instantly better.

“Or bread,” Nathalie said, amused.

Raven shook her head vehemently. “I need the pastries.”

Nathalie laughed, “Okay, do you want to get them together or…?”

Looking down at her shorts and shirt, Raven hesitated. “I don’t know? I’m feeling kind of naked?” she admitted.

“Naked? You’re wearing clothes,” Nathalie commented, scratching her upper arm.

Raven tugged at the shorts, feeling her cheeks flush. Yesterday, after taking the shower, she hadn’t been eager to put her underwear back on. “Yeah, but nothing underneath.”

Nathalie’s eyes widened. “Right.”

“I’ve meant to ask if I can perhaps buy some underwear from you,” Raven said, a little sheepishly.

“Buy?” Nathalie laughed.

“Yeah,” Raven replied, shuffling her feet. “I can’t really wash it before giving it back, can I? Same for the shorts.”

Nathalie’s lips parted in surprise. “Okay,” she chortled, her eyes sparkling with amusement. “You know what? I think I have some new underwear lying around. You can have it.”

Raven fidgeted with her hair. “Thanks, but I really want to….”

“No,” Nathalie interrupted her. “You buy the pastries.”

“Very well,” Raven relented after a moment. “We have a deal.”

“Do you want to shower before we go?” Nathalie asked.

“Nah,” Raven said, appreciating the offer. “I’m too hungry. Can I do that after breakfast?”

Nathalie nodded in agreement. “It’s a plan.”

Raven met Nathalie’s eyes and smiled. Nathalie took a step toward her, leaning in and…


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