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Nathalie reached for her neck. “What the fuck,” she thought and frowned. Probing the sore muscles, she wondered what she had done to cause this pain.

“Oh, shit,” she mouthed and opened her eyes.

She was lying in her living room. At the other end of the couch, Raven sat with her head propped up against a pillow at an angle that looked downright painful. Her slow breathing indicated that she was still asleep.

Raven’s left hand was resting on her knee, the right on her foot. They were both still in the shorts and shirt they had put on after their shower last night. Nathalie tried not to move.

“When did I fall asleep?” she wondered.

She searched her mind for memories of last night. The movie had been mediocre at best, but she had enjoyed watching it anyway. But this was of no importance, of course. Raven *touching* her was.

When Raven’s fingertips had stroked the sensitive skin of her foot, Nathalie’s body had instantly been ablaze. Everything inside her had pulsed with desire. Her breathing had become ragged. And she had hidden it from Raven as best as she could.

This all could have been a friendly gesture, could it not? Kim massaged her feet at times. And it’s not like Raven had escalated things and moved higher up Nathalie’s leg. So, after a while, Nathalie had forced herself to calm down and just enjoy it.

It seemed she had been a little too successful at it. She had no idea how she had managed to fall asleep. Maybe the wine had something to do with it? She’d also been tired from the restless night the day before.

Now, daylight was already streaming through the window. Nathalie wasn’t wearing a watch but thought it was about 5.30 in the morning. The storm had passed and the first rays of sunlight brightened her front garden.

The elastic band that kept Raven’s hair pulled back had slipped down, allowing most of the braids to escape. Nathalie kept staring, now admiring Raven’s cheekbones, nose and lips.

“You are so beautiful,” Nathalie thought as if talking to Raven.

She wished she could lean over and stroke Raven’s cheek. Maybe place a soft kiss on her temple. Or wrap her arm around Raven and pull her into a more comfortable position, then fall back asleep.

“This is the worst crush ever,” Nathalie thought, closing her eyes and letting her head fall back.

She instantly regretted it, grabbing her neck and wincing. Her head felt heavy and foggy. She would have to take a painkiller. Glancing back at Raven, she decided she probably wouldn’t be the only person in need of one.

“Maybe I should wake her up?” Nathalie wondered. “Prevent further injury?”

She grinned. She could already picture them walking the street together like two old ladies with stiff necks and shoulders. A muscle in her leg twitched and pulled her out of her thoughts.

She wanted to stretch her leg but couldn’t without waking up Raven, she feared. The muscle twitched again and it was starting to feel like a cramp now. She slowly moved her leg but couldn’t stop Raven’s hand from slipping off rather unceremoniously.

“My neck hurts,” Raven croaked, opening her eyes.

“Sorry I woke you up,” Nathalie winced.

Raven frowned, reaching for her neck.

Nathalie chuckled. “Yeah, mine hurts too.”

“My head too,” Raven groaned.

Nathalie nodded. “We need coffee and some painkillers.”

Raven blew out air as she straightened her back. “Yeah, that sounds about right.”

Nathalie swung her legs off the couch. Her bladder was killing her. She didn’t understand how she hadn’t noticed before. “Let me go to the bathroom first.”

“Yes,” Raven said. “I need to go too.”

Nathalie rolled her shoulders, hearing several pops in her ears. “You go first. I’ll get the coffee started.”

“Thanks,” Raven sighed as she got up and put her hands on her lower back. “Damn, this is how I know I’m not in my twenties anymore.”

“Some stretching might help,” Nathalie said, reaching for the tips of her toes in an attempt to show off but only hurting herself more. She bit back a moan.

“I’m not stretching anything,” Raven chuckled and headed for the stairs.

Nathalie grimaced as she straightened. “Yeah, maybe that’s best.”

She could hear Raven laugh while ascending the stairs. Nathalie grinned, tucked some hair behind her ear and walked into her kitchen.


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