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Emily is the VP Research & Development at Sanders Tech. She travels around the world, alone, and likes her solitary life. But now, she’s about to get company.

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The love story continues even more…

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(Audio) The Blogger Story Christmas Special

Hey ho ho! Here’s the extra scene (aka the Christmas Special) with Emily and Lea. Thanks ā€¦

(Audio) The Blogger Story Extra Scene: Nothing To Wear

I had a bit of fun writing an extra scene these last days. Without further ado…Here’s &#ā€¦

Halloween Extra Scene (with Emily & Lea)

Happy Halloween, my friends! šŸŽƒ This is the first time I release a new extra scene to Patrons only. Iā€¦

Valentine’s Day Extra Scene (with Emily & Lea)

Hello, fellow romantics! Woohoo! It’s the week of romance! Okay, every week should be a week oā€¦

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