New option to support the podcast: Buy me a coffee!

Yesterday, I added a ‘Buy Me A Coffee’ button to the website. Several of the podcast’s listeners asked me how they could support The Lesbian Romantic financially, and after thinking about it for quite some time, I chose to implement the ‘Buy me a coffee’ button by

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Why this button and this type of support specifically?  It’s important to me everyone has access to the podcast. I’ve been blessed with listeners letting me know how much the podcast has come to mean to them. How it is often an escape from difficult days or circumstances. This button keeps the podcast free, while giving listeners who can and want to support it an option to do so.

I am a self-employed & independent content creator. Some people ask me about my team, but I write, edit and produce this podcast alone. This takes a lot of time and effort. Your support really makes a difference.

This ‘Buy Me A Coffee’ service is not a ‘repeat’ subscription like Patreon. This is a one time contribution, unless you come back later and choose to buy me another coffee. This too is important to me. I want to keep things as transparent and easy as possible. I don’t like my credit card being charged for a subscription I forgot to cancel. Neither do you. So I don ‘t want to use Patreon and other services.

About the ‘Ko-fi’ (Buy Me A Coffee) service itself: it is a free service that just links a button on my website to a secure page that can accept contributions to my business’ Paypal account (It’s called Cheesecake Media, btw. And yes, I like cheesecake that much).

The payment is processed securely through Paypal. I decided it was best to use Paypal to make sure everything is safe & user friendly. They’re the experts after all!  My website is not involved once you click the button and you choose the information you share (or don’t share) on the Ko-fi page.

Thank you again for all your support here on this website, on Twitter, in your reviews, … It really means the world to me 🙂

Discover other ways you can support the podcast here

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