Fellow Romantic Podcast: Q&A with Muriel #1


Thank you so much for sending in questions on the community yesterday πŸ™‚ Muriel and I had fun answering them this morning!

Hope you enjoy this behind-the-scenes chat about Connection Concealed and, of course, your questions.

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7 responses to “Fellow Romantic Podcast: Q&A with Muriel #1”

  1. Marcie53

    I sat on my couch and listened with my morning coffee. I laughed often and it was really good and enjoyable to hear. The English phrase is take off I think. Speaking of, I did not expect Muriel to speak English so well. Thanks for doing this. πŸ™‚

  2. Annie

    You slipped through with a technicality in the phrasing of my question! 🧐 Of course I wanted to know which character you’re more drawn to. I do hope you will reveal that at some point. πŸ˜‰πŸ™ƒ

    So that was really fun. πŸ˜€ Love these (your) candid moments! Thank you Muriel for your willingness to participate and share with us! That was truly a treat! I probably could go on and on, but, I think the best thing I can go with is-please do this again in the future. πŸ€—

  3. Sakins

    This was a great idea! I couldn’t quit grinning all through it. It was all very open and friendly. I feel like I was sitting there with you ladies. You two are absolutely adorable. Totally made my morning!

    It was all very informative. Also, I definitely appreciated a look into the intimate details that make your stories. Thank you for this.


    You two speak English better than I do, and it IS my primary language. Hahaha!

  4. Kelly

    please do more behind the scenes chats!

  5. Xythyl

    “Oh you want to do the moaning” I laughed so hard at this!

    It was really fun to listen to the 2 of you talk! Hope to have more of these πŸ™‚

    1. Sigrid

      There are 6, I think! 7th scheduled in a few weeks πŸ™‚

  6. Heather

    Omg I love this. I’m just catching up on these now, but you two are so fun to listen to! 😍

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