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Lesbian podcastI started this podcast a little bit over a week ago. I have really enjoyed these last 10 days. It was such a great deal of fun to work on the idea and then the first 2 episodes. It’s thrilling to see how, with little publicity, the podcast has been listened to by people from all around the world already.

Still in modest numbers, sure. But it’s great to reach that first ‘100 plays’ milestone. In the spirit of having even more fun, I created a short bonus scene for newsletter subscribers. It’s something I know happened to Captain Sanders, but won’t make it to the main story line.

It’s the last interview with Captain Sanders on earth. You should go check it out if you’d like to know more about the story behind Captain Sanders and 2B!
You can find it on the extra content page of this website.

Off to the next 1OO!


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