It’s just… a lot


Hey, lovely people, 

I can’t even believe I am typing this update. 

Muriel’s dad, whom I am still close to, was admitted to the hospital last Friday evening. After the doctor’s examined him, we were told it was time to say goodbye very soon. 

And that’s what we’ve been doing. Muriel, her parents and I are still very much a family and we’ve been going through this difficult and transformational time together. 

There are beautiful moments. There are hard and desperate moments. There’s a lot of anxiety and sometimes there is peace. It’s a rollercoaster and we all know where it will end. Just not when. It seems it won’t be long now, though. 

I have been working on the next episode in the last days, but Muriel is still my editor and we haven’t been able to finalize the script yet. I might record it without the editing, or I might wait, depending on how things evolve and how I feel. 

 It’s all just…a lot. 

Much love, 



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