I’m launching a Patreon page

Hey, fellow romantic,

I have some important news: I am launching a Patreon fundraising page. That means there are now several ways you can support my work: directly on this website (the old way) or through Patreon. Or both. 🙂

I know: I’ve been saying I don’t want to join other platforms, such as Patreon, for years. I hoped that voluntary support through my own website would suffice to release all my content freely.

Unfortunately, that dream has proven to be unsustainable. My audience has grown significantly in the last 5 years, but the funding of my work has not. In COVID times, it has actually plummeted.

I’m taking this step in an effort to keep the podcast going. I need to open up new channels and start fundraising in different ways. This new Patreon page is my first move in this new direction.

If you don’t know Patreon: it’s a platform that lets people help their favorite creators through a ‘perk system.’ Fans pay a monthly contribution and, in return, they get extra content, early access or other so-called ‘perks.’

I came up with some fun TLR themed perks for Patreon subscribers. You can disover the perks on Patreon right now. You can also subscribe to a membership level as of now!

For the people who have a recurring contribution going at this moment, or plan to set one up, I’m working on a TLR webpage that will give you access to the current Patreon perks as well (so there is no need to switch).

Okay, that was a lot for one post! I will share more details and news in the coming weeks. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to post a comment or send me an email.

Much love,


You can watch my Patreon launch video here:

2 responses to “I’m launching a Patreon page”

  1. Martina

    I’m so sorry that you had to resort to that. I know that times are tough, but we are still out there buying coffees and other little things, so it shouldn’t be hard to support an artist with a couple of bucks. Just think of what it costs to buy an audio book and here we’re getting your hard work, basically for free and that’s not right. I try even with online games to support the developers when ever I can afford a few dollars…it’s only fair that developers and artists be remunerated. I hope that with this change you’ll get better support from your listeners!

    1. Sigrid

      Hey Martina! Yeah, I have to admit that I always thought there would be enough support even when I released things for free. But I guess that’s not how things work for most people. I’m actually quite hopeful that Patreon will make a difference. I will still try to keep most things freely available, but recurring supporters and patreons will have more to say about what I create and they will have more access to me. I’m confident I’ll find a way to do this Patreon thing that is still in line with what is important to me!

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