Why I have not been releasing new episodes on Spotify

Hey, fellow romantics,

(Original post from February 2022. Update below the post.)

I’ve been closely following the Spotify ‘scandal’ over the last few weeks. I’ve always been critical of Spotify’s decision to give Joe Rogan a huge platform. For me, that was never about free speech (which is about a government suppressing critical voices), but about values. I was disappointed in Spotify’s values when they chose to work with Joe Rogan.

I wasn’t surprised to hear that Rogan was inviting guests who spread questionable information, or downright misinformation, about Covid. At that point, though, I decided to give you the choice of listening on Spotify or not. My podcast is available everywhere and you can choose whether you want to support Spotify or not.

However, in the last few days, more issues with Rogan have come to my attention. His use of racial slurs, other racist language and the on-air laughing about sexual abuse of women are absolutely unacceptable. Spotify’s response to these issues has been inadequate to say the least. That is why I am pausing the release of new episodes to Spotify until they do better.

I know this is frustrating or disappointing to many of you. This is what I need to do to live within my own values, though. Sometimes, that means disappointing other people. I am sorry for the inconvenience this decision causes. You can still find new episodes on the website and all other platforms.

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UPDATE May 2022: Unfortunately, the media attention for Spotify’s policies have died down, but the issues remain. That’s why I have decided, for now, that I cannot resume releasing episodes on the platform.

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  1. Sharon

    thank you for taking a stand!

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