French Lessons by Natalie Vivien

Lesfic review French Lessons

Funny, atmospheric, classy and wonderfully authentic

I wish every audiobook was like French Lessons by Natalie Vivien. This book has a fantastic story and an outstanding narration. While most other audiobooks are convenient and nice to listen to, French Lessons is an audio gem.

Why? The narration has a tremendous added value. This narrator is not just reading the story, she is most definitely performing it. And while this is not uncommon, the high quality of the performance certainly is.

Granted, I needed some time to get used to the unique and fast paced style. I ended up playing the book at 0.95 speed (thank you, Audible app 😉 and found this to be a lot easier and comfortable to listen to.

If you compare French Lessons to romantic movies, French Lessons is like the brilliant indie movie you weren’t sure you’d like at first. It is atmospheric, funny, classy, mysterious and wonderfully authentic.

So, what’s the story?

Vida Toujours has struggled all of her life, working hard for everything she’s ever earned, until she receives an unexpected letter from France.
An aunt that Vida never knew she had has died, willing Vida a chateau in the French countryside. What feels like an impossible dream is now Vida’s reality:

When Vida arrives at the chateau, there are more surprises in store for her. She could never have predicted the effect that Renee Chanson, the fiery and captivating woman she meets at the chateau, would have upon her. And she could never have imagined how the decades-old mystery of her family’s past would, at last, unfold. (Source:

The story is not exactly what you’d expect from a lesbian romance novel, but that’s one of the things I love about this book. It is a wonderfully romantic book, believe me, and a tragic family tale.

I cannot find anything to complain about (apart from the somewhat speedy narration). This book is going straight to my #1 all time favorite spot on my best lesbian audiobooks list!

Seriously, give the audiobook of French Lessons by Natalie Vivien a chance. Hang in there during the first minutes and then enjoy the delightful world of countryside France with a wild French woman on your side.

PS: Because of the tremendous performance by the narrator some scenes in this audiobook might definitely be considered to be very much #nsfw 😉

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