Fifty ★★★★★ iTunes reviews!

The Lesbian Romantic Podcast now has fifty 5 star reviews from listeners around the world! I am humbled by your kind words and support.

The reviews truly are wonderful, so I thought I’d keep this news item short and let y’all ‘have the mic’ this time 🙂


01 Phenomenal Stories and Podcasts!

The skill in both the writing of, and telling of these stories is amazing. It’s so hard to find quality literature that is relatable to as a lesbian, but The Lesbian Romantic encompasses everything I ever wanted out of LGBT literature. I wait (quite impatiently) for the next podcast every week! ★★★★★ in iTunes by Natasha9422 from USA

02 Bingeworthy

This show is bingeworthy. I started late and now I am hooked. Great story and it seems to tell a true to life lesbian story, not your run of the mill stuff. Please don’t stop producing!! ★★★★★ in iTunes by DrWinks from USA

03 This is what you need

This podcast is amazing and I promise you will be hooked. The stories are good, the production is good and the writing is superb. You. Need. This. Trust me on this one ladies… ★★★★★ in iTunes by DottedLLama from UK

04 Listen right now!

Much love from Canada. Finally getting my sh*t together to comment. If you’re looking for great writing and storytelling with well develped characters and romance 😉 this is the podcast. Clever, genuine writing that puts you right in the scenes. So happy to have finally found this gem. Lots of creativity and detailed attention are put into each week and it shows by leaving you excitedly waiting for the next ep to air. Check it out. Bravo! ★★★★★ in iTunes by justagrl74 from Canada

05 I love it!

One of two podcasts that I listen to as soon as it’s published and look forward to the next release. The only negative is it is so compelling it is hard to wait for another whole week to pass before we pick up from the previous week’s cliffhanger. ★★★★★ in iTunes by Misky Magee from Australia

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06 Impressively done

I’m very picky about lesbian fiction. We are so under-represented that we tend to tolerate lower quality in films and novels in order to get a quick romantic fix. For a podcast written, recorded, and produced by a single individual, The Lesbian Romantic delivers. The pacing of the narration has improved since the first episode and the writing continues to improve. Though Sigrid is no Jacqueline Carey or Sarah Waters, the writing is far above those you’d find in an old Naiad Press novella, with surprising insight into things like Emily’s anxiety in “The Blogger”. As for the technical aspects of the podcast, the audio clarity is top-notch and Sigrid’s voice is clear and consise, narrating at a calm pace that is easy to follow and gives plenty of time for the imagination to play with each scene. I enjoy the different voices she does for different characters – they’re never over-the-top, and it is easy to follow along as to whom is speaking. The sound effects and “side-note” conversations are a nice touch as well. Cleanly and professionally done. My only true complaint about this podcast is that there are not more episodes! The length of episodes was too short in “The Space Story” and the lengths were tripled for “The Blogger”, which I find works much better. Probably a perfect length though I’m greedy for more. If you want a nice, quick, juicy lesbian romantic story with realistic development (at least, for “The Blogger”), give this podcast a try. ★★★★★ in iTunes by Howlsthunder from USA

07 It’s my favorite podcast!!

This is a fantastic podcast, and the only one I look forward to every week! The characters are well-developed, and the plots always have twists and turns and leave you wanting to know what happens next. And (in addition to romance) there are plenty of funny moments that really bring these stories to life. And how can you not fall in love with a romance series based in Europe? There’s a road trip through France in “The Blogger Story”… just sayin’… 😉 I’d recommend this podcast series to my friends, so definitely download the first episode and check it out!! ★★★★★ in iTunes by Smitshu from USA

08 So good I will listen again…

I really have enjoyed listening to The Blogger Story but it was the The Space Story that truly pulled me in… Really LOVE that story. Thanks for creating really interesting characters that kept me coming back each week! ★★★★★ in iTunes by jannoa from USA

09 Love this podcast!

I love listening to the Blogger story! Sigrid has a wonderful voice and the story is so good. Can’t wait to see what else she creates! ★★★★★ in iTunes by curiouscatco from USA

10 The Blogger

Loved this podcast from beginning to end — you are treated to relationship emotions from both Emily & Leah and are hooked so easily… can’t wait for the next story/series ★★★★★ in iTunes by Julecule from UK

11 My new favorite past time.

What was that social life? I can’t hear you, I must have my lesbians turned up too loud. ★★★★★ in iTunes by 2EdwardMorris2 from USA

12 Can’t Get Enough

Love, love, love this podcast. Binge listened to both The Space Story and The Blogger Story and then went back and listened to The Blogger Story episodes again. I look forward to Tuesday evenings when I can find out what is happening with Lea and Emily! ★★★★★ in iTunes by TerryN5 from USA on February 23, 2017

13 Lesbian romantic, the blogger story

Told beautiful, beautiful story and well put together. ★★★★★ in iTunes by RoxD-


I love The Lesbian Romantic Podcast. I started listening to The Blogger Story on Saturday morning and I binge listened to all 33 parts by Sunday morning. I love getting to know Sigrid, the writer/narrator. She’s witty and her humor is refreshing. ★★★★★ in iTunes by jcjy52 from USA

15 Compelling

I was initially disappointed to realize that this podcast was neither fully dramatized nor full cast (as is usually suggested by the term “audio drama”), but the absence of those is compensated well by the great story and the presenter’s enthusiasm. The presenter performs the story with professionalism, but before and after the serious business of story telling, she often lets herself have fun, which is half the pleasure of listening. ★★★★★ in iTunes by Webboy42 from Australia

16 Highlight of my week

As requested here’s some love from Canada! I look forward to this podcast every week. Keep up the good work! Kinda wish Emily was real (sigh). As for the Trudeau request…I’ll see what I can do 😉 ★★★★★ in iTunes by Tricksie78 from Canada

17 Totally Awesome

As a guy, i love this podcast.. it is well written and very well produced. Thanks for the good work, Sigrid!! ★★★★★ in iTunes by Andreas_Sand from Sweden

18 This podcast is awesome!!

Sigrid’s smooth voice and witty repartee guides you through her carefully crafted tales of lady on lady romance. With cliffhangers and carefully selected tunes to set the mood this podcast is not to be missed! ★★★★★ in iTunes by My_opinion_matters from Australia

19 Love this Podcast

I love this podcast and look forward to it every week, great story and love the narration. ★★★★★ in iTunes by 4th Attempt Mer from Australia

20 Very good.

I look forward to this podcast each week. ★★★★★ in iTunes by 49rFanz from USA

21 Just love it!

Wow, what a great story, and told so well! Haven’t listened to the Space Story but am totally hooked on The Blogger Story. Never knew audio could be so addictive. Love the characters, so well crafted. And the voices Sigrid does for each are awesome – just a slight difference in her tone but so believable for each character. Keep up the great work 😀 ★★★★★ in iTunes by Amber Wilkie from Australia

22 Love it!

Really enjoying the story and can not wait to see what develops between Leah and Emily!!! An Aussie accent???? Mmmmm ★★★★★ in iTunes by Skruffi from USA

23 A great treat each Wednesday

I have really enjoyed listening to the Bloger story. The story has been great to follow and each wednesday i’m always excited to download and listen. Its cute, its a litlle bit daggy and it alwyas ends on a cliff hanger but hey, thats what keeps me coming back. Love this podcast thanks heaps and keep up the good work. ★★★★★ in iTunes by Kate Rock from Australia

24 Great podcast!

So happy I recently stumbled on this podcast- I am loving it and sad that I am almost caught up with all of the episodes. I like The Blogger Story better than The Space Story (the longer episodes and more realistic scenario). I also love that these podcasts are coming all the way from Belgium! The international flair in the series is pretty fun! Thank you for all your work putting them together – it is appreciated. 🙂 ★★★★★ in iTunes by KatieHfromMI from USA

25 Very entertaining!

Just spent an icy weekend binge listening to The Blogger Story. So enjoyed the story that I had no desire to turn on my television. ★★★★★ in iTunes by Jdcallmd from USA

26 Definitely not schmaltzy

Lovely addition to my podcasting list, the writer/ narrator is articulate, insightful and witty. I wish there were more archives to work through. ★★★★★ in iTunes by Drift 51 from UK

27 Very Enjoyable

I enjoy listening to these stories very much… well done… some times a little to angsty for me, but that is just personal preference and doesn’t take away from the quality at all.. ★★★★★ in iTunes by Deb in San Diego from USA

28 Love this podcast

It’s well done, and entertaining. I do wish the episodes were longer. I think that just means I really enjoy it. ★★★★★ in iTunes by 7sammie7 from USA

29 So good!!!

I absolutely love it and have been talking about it to my friends for days. So happy I found such a gem! Please Make more! ★★★★★ in iTunes by Sazsmcg from Canada

30 The Bloggers Story Part 24

Really well done as usual and a wonderful speaking voice to listen to. 🤗 ★★★★★ in iTunes by MegInMaryland from USA

31 I’m hooked!

I discovered this podcast searching for some fiction and I couldn’t be happier. I started listening to the Blogger Story and I have been on the edge of my seat. At times it is suspenseful, funny, touching, and steamy. The narration is seamless and beautiful. The host is personable and entertaining! It’s a gem! ★★★★★ in iTunes by Meagzitti from USA

32 Great!!!!

Thank you. It is great to have this representation and I look forward to each chapter every week. ★★★★★ in iTunes by wopsinger from USA

33 One of my favs

*Not a fan of sci-fi so I have only listened to The Bloggers story Great story, great writing, and great reading!! Love everything about this podcast. 100% recommended if you have a thing for f/f romance. So much thanks for the podcast team for this wonderful creation. Hope you you will keep up the great work! ★★★★★ in iTunes by Namesgift from Australia

34 Super entertaining podcast!

The narrator has a super hot voice and I kind of want to ask her out on a date. Subscribed! ★★★★★ in iTunes by Booomtit from USA

35 Well Done!

The Blogger is a light and fun story. The audio production is excellent. ★★★★★ in iTunes by BookishMM from USA

36 Leaves me wishing for more

I love this podcast. I’m so engrossed into ever episode that the end comes and I’m longing for more. Please don’t ever stop. ★★★★★ in iTunes by truelorax from USA

37 Fun!

This is a great podcast. Incredible quality. voices and sound effects. I consider it a box of chocolates and each episode is one piece. ★★★★★ in iTunes by Ninja Mary from USA

38 Very nice program

I love this program. It’s a nice alternative to the incessant radio and commerical breaks. I am really enjoying The Blogger Story. I’ll be listening for a long time. ★★★★★ in iTunes by Jothe latebloomer from USA

39 Story time extravaganza

I’m always on the hunt for a good lesbian story. I absolutely loved adventures in space with lesbians! The second story was more oriented to earth reality and very cute. I love spending time with these women who love women! I also really love the reader’s voice! Only requests: longer episodes with more smooches and intimate graces. 😍 ★★★★★ in iTunes by HurricaneKrvy from USA

40 Keep them coming 🙂

This podcast has been fun. The second story is more down to earth(no pun intended) and enjoyable than the first one.Already looking forward to the next episode. Thank you for sharing your art! ★★★★★ in iTunes by Siosaysevolve from USA

41 Love it

I can’t get enough ★★★★★ in iTunes by She Shiz from USA

42 Engaging Tales

These are fun, well-put together stories. ★★★★★ in iTunes by GoHobo from USA

43 So enjoying these stories!

Really enjoyed The Space Story and like The Blogger Story even more. I like how the alternating chapters are told from the two main characters’ perspectives…nicely paced and appreciate the background effects – especially the verbal cues. Looking forward to the next updates! ★★★★★ in iTunes by saracousins from USA

44 Exiting

I loved it ★★★★★ in iTunes by Finirapevi from Brazil

45 The best of best!!

Really love this podcast, and I also learn to listen English via this podcast ;). Kudos to you guys~ ★★★★★ in iTunes by Tomato Kai from USA

46 Stick with it

Production value is greatly improving throughout the episodes. The space story is not great, but the blogger story is. Still a bit weird to hear one person do all the voices (especially the male ones) but that is quickly overlooked (heard) as you immerse yourself in the story. ★★★★★ in iTunes by Elzzzzzz from Belgium

47 very good

your voice is……beautiful……I don’t know how to describe it , it sounds very good .I start listening all episode from the beginning .you story is just attracting and I like the sound effect very much. ★★★★★ in iTunes by Rv26789 from USA

48 Such a cute story!

I absolutely loved this story, and I’m looking forward to your next story. ★★★★★ in iTunes by Madeline4475 from USA

49 Cool love story

This enslaving podcast is so witty, intelligent and real you would hire a spaceship to visit the characters of The Space Story! The impressive sound effects and the amusing set-up virtually pull you into the story each episode again and again. More of this please. ★★★★★ in iTunes by Verpot from Belgium

50 Highly addictive

Funny, full of unexpected twists and turns, a little (?) crazy and above all: highly addictive! ★★★★★ in iTunes by Grumpydump from Belgium

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