Fellow Romantic Podcast (Q&A) #11: ‘Very real’

Hey fellow romantics,

We’ve had a rough week and it was wonderful to sit down in my home office and answer your fun questions! Thank you for sending those in! 🙂

Hope you enjoy listening to this 11th ‘very real’ (and a bit raw at times) Q&A.


Muriel & Sigrid

PS: This is the app we discussed: Keybase. You can find us on there under team ‘frtlr’


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12 responses to “Fellow Romantic Podcast (Q&A) #11: ‘Very real’”

  1. Marcie53

    Thank you

  2. Sarah

    Hello to both of the real you.
    Word count was not my guess, neither was your food adventurousness. I have a dharbouka. I play it with a sweatshirt stuffed inside to practise the rhythm without dispurbing the household. You could try that if drums still call you. Your enjoyment is clearly audible in every podcast and I call it the strongest draw card. Now listening to you discussing live with Muriel, I see a reflection in the conversations of the characters present in the conversation between the two of you. Of all the rest of the podcast and lots that I agree with and similiar complaints that pop up in my head seem to have popped up in yours. So after listening I wonder, would the witchcraft question have you moving a border rather than standing on a border. Perhaps this requires from you a more in-depth knoweledge about witchcraft/paganism or does not fit your world view. I like the way you challenge yourself, do continue. Moguls! unrelated. Kneecaps! Adversity made me stronger, from what you say I assume the same. I choose the milky way for an interview location should I ever pluck some courage from the ether? Electronic hugs for both of you and pets.

    1. Sigrid

      I should have added that I know that this word count is the right length to make the production process possible in one week. 🙂

      The drum set: it’s not so much the sound, just the space that would it take up. I could get an electronic set and control the volume, but it’s not a very pretty thing to have in your living room!

      My interactions with Muriel and other loved one indeed do inspire many of the conversations in the podcast. Sometimes, I use a conversation that actually happened. Will never tell you which ones, tho! Haha.

      I’m not very into witchcraft, no. I’m a pretty spiritual person, tho, and I would guess there are some shared values and even beliefs.

      Hugs back!

  3. 10a 💜🇧🇪

    Still listening duck duck? Search-it too obvious? Or how about Want to know… 😂 Anyhow it is a given that some words slip in our language. To me a bigger fear is the info that you are shown. All these search machines are money making machines so we might not get all info, some info put first… like the thing in grocery stores where the brands that pay more are at eye level and far more reachable and the cheaper ones are never at eye sight? Lucky I am just picky and stubborn and search for what I want 😉

    1. Sigrid

      Your worries are spot on, 10a! That’s exactly what is happening on both search machines and other social media! That among other things…

  4. Heather

    That was wonderful! Thanks for answering my question and making me walk around work with a stupid smile on my face again. 🙂

    1. Sigrid

      😀 Our pleasure!

  5. 10a 💜🇧🇪

    Hey you guys Watson knows what to do but germs got her anyhow. Thanks throat is hurting big time (no cry baby but the pressure is bad) Trying to avoid antibiotics. But if it stays like this the whole day again (day 4) I will have to cave I am afraid. Ibuprofen- paracetamol is not working all that much 🤷🏼‍♀️

  6. 10a 💜🇧🇪

    Sigrid loved the idea of a broad news letter. Interviews well some of us want to share what lrc means or enables… it might be a way to get to know others in a way that is not too invasive. (kinda suggested it myself after the last q & a). Ideas? City you live/love, places you frequent or like. Food and drinks you adore? Sports, Books, music, board games? Paintings, foto’s … incredible places. But keep it real of course lol

    1. Sigrid

      Great ideas!

  7. JDavis💚

    Oh this is so fun! I loved the answers for the Library of Congress question. I was also thinking Muriel would go with Literature. Her selection of the Natural Sciences was a fun surprise. Sigrid, your passion for connecting people with respect, compassion and integrity just screams Social Science.

    As for my own answer, my skills are in the Social Sciences (economics, psychology, political science, project management), but my passion is the Applied Sciences. Thanks so much for answer this!

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